Baler 2018

People always tell me Baler can take hours to get to, but knowing this excited me even more. I love long journeys, so I knew this wouldn’t be a problem.

The bus ride was 6 hours straight. We traveled at 1am and spent the whole time snoozing away.

Baler had black sand but was still perfect to roll around in. It was soft and fine, and there were no pebbles, rocks or algae.


Compared to La Union everything in Baler was cheaper. Their food, drinks, tour packages and rooms were all affordable. We only spent PHP5,000 for the entire trip for accommodation, transport, food and drinks, and tours.

We got to visit cafes and bars. The cafes we searched up along the way and found that they were perfect if you wanted a cold drink and didn’t want to burn outside from the heat during the day. The bars, on the other hand, were very affordable and had live bands with amazing performances.


Cheap drinks + Good Music = Couldn’t ask for anything more! 

We never got to surf because we decided to explore the area instead. There were two falls and the mermaid lagoon, which were worth the journey. Each one was accessible by tricycle. Despite it being scorching hot, the view from the tricycle was spectacular. We got to see a mesmerizing view of nature such as open fields, flowers, and no traffic anywhere. We could happily breathe in the fresh air!

The trip was cut short because we weren’t able to book seats on time. But there is a lot more to do in Baler. Even if you don’t want to surf, there are many other activities for you to do. If you’re like me and just want to be away from the city life, and are willing to travel for a few hours. Go book your bus ticket now! Top it off you will find accommodation no matter your budget.


No Signal, Good Company, And Perfect Scenery

Every holy week I was taught to stay at home and rest. We weren’t allowed to play loud music, laugh out loud or go on trips. My grandma and mum were very strict with these traditions. Until I came to the Philippines, where holy week meant family outings like going to the beach. This 2018 my auntie and I spent it at Calaguas.

White sand stroked my feet even when I was in the sea. The beach had a picture perfect view. There were tents scattered along the shore, clear blue water and beautiful mountain views on the right and left.


Getting to Calaguas took us a while, but it was worth the leg cramps and the pain in my butt. The van ride took us 14 hours then we rode a boat for 1hr and 30mins. We arrived there at 7pm, however, even though it was dark you could somehow see how clear the water was it glistened under the night sky.

Stepping into the sand was such an exhilarating feeling. It had been ages since I’d visited a beach with this kind of sand.

We were part of a tour group, so we all stayed together. Food was provided for us and even island hopping and a mini-trek. Sadly, due to bad weather we weren’t able to go to any other islands. Instead we swam in the sea, ate local Bicol dishes, and watched the sunset.


Life 101: Learn to be Alone

Your parents probably told you that you should graduate, get a job and then start a family. But today many of us no longer see life like this. We choose to do things differently. Why rush when we have our whole lives ahead of us?

Starting a family is a huge responsibility, and what if we’re just not ready. What if we haven’t figured ourselves yet?

After graduation, I realized it wasn’t just me who felt like this. I had friends who just like me felt lost and confused.

I did what I was raised to believe in. I graduated, I looked for a job and I entered into a relationship. I also moved out that same year. Until I realized, this did not feel right. Everything was running smoothly as I had everything I wanted. I was finally independent and in control of everything in my life.

But something was missing. Everything was planned out as I would continue to work, save money and then start a family. I would imagine my future and I would imagine all of this to one day happen, a part of me wanted it to happen right away. I felt like I was ready and it would all just fall into place. This did not happen.

There would be nights where I would suddenly think to myself, is this what I really want? Am I happy? I couldn’t answer any of these questions. I felt empty, sad and lonely.

I decided to break up with my ex and figure out what I wanted. During the time that I was with him, I felt like I was being dragged down. I missed the feeling of being single, going out and just having fun. Sadly, I couldn’t do any of this with him.

When I was finally single again, I was suddenly relieved.

I realized that before you enter a serious relationship and start a family, we should first learn to be alone. The time I’ve spent alone so far has allowed me to learn and understand myself more. I am not constantly doing what other people want to do or not doing something because they don’t want to. I get to decide what I want to do and where I want to go. I love it. I don’t have to make compromises or sacrifices.

More people should enjoy this. No one should be afraid to spend time alone. Learning about yourself is the best thing you could do for yourself, for me this is how I’ve learned to grow. I thought being in a relationship would fulfill my loneliness, but instead, I learned to appreciate being alone.

I hung onto my ex because I was afraid to be alone. But breaking up was the best decision I’ve ever made. I have done things I never knew I could, like going to Baguio on my own.

I’ve read a book in a café alone, which I could never imagine doing. I enjoyed the coffee and food that I got to pick. I now know that I enjoy reading a good book in a new cafe, with a good cup of coffee.

I am not ready to be in a relationship and for those who are, I do envy them. But for me, I know that I am not ready and I want to enjoy my 20’s. I want to have fun and enjoy. I want to find myself and know that I can survive on my own. I always told myself I want to have my own place and be independent before I get married. Well, that is exactly what I’m doing, as I don’t need to be in a relationship to be happy or figure things out.

My family might not agree with my situation or how I choose to live my life. But I am doing all of this for myself and as long as I see that I am growing, nothing else matters.


Getting “My Ducks In A Row”

A week ago, I experienced my third breakdown here in the Philippines, which is the worst I’ve ever had. I was ready to go back to England because I felt lost, lonely and confused. Throughout the whole day at work I was crying. It happened all of a sudden and I didn’t know what to do.

All these thoughts suddenly popped into my mind and I realized I had to “get my ducks in a row.” This line is from the movie The Other Woman, starring Cameron Diaz. In this rom-com, they refer to it as a way to figure out what you want in life.

I’ve been living in the Philippines for six years now, and it has been one hell of an experience. Leaving the island would be so hard for me to do, after everything I’ve been through. I’ve made sacrifices, got my heart broken, been hospitalized, and so much more.

I no longer knew what I was doing and where I was going. All my motivation was gone, and I felt like everything was pointless.

On top of these thoughts, I was like a lost soul. I felt lonely and needed someone’s company. Because I thought that having someone beside me would make everything better. I was wrong about this.

Apparently, I’m not the only one who has felt this way. I was told I was going through a quarter-life crisis.

I drank a lot, slept for hours, binge watched, and constantly looked for someone to hang out with. But, I knew this was unhealthy and it didn’t solve anything.

So, to deal with my situation, I was advised to go on a trip on my own. I chose to take a bus to Baguio.

Many people thought it was a waste, but it was the best advice I’ve ever had. I read, slept, and walked around. I spent more time on the bus than in Baguio.

However, being alone in an unfamiliar place helped clear my mind. For a day it was only me, myself and I.

The time I spent alone was the perfect remedy to solve all the questions rummaging in my head.

After my trip to Baguio, I came to a conclusion that I need to learn how to be alone. I need to be comfortable with my own company, and not always need another person to cover up my loneliness.

Now, I am finally spending more time alone. I’m slowly learning to appreciate my own company so that I get more in touch with  my inner self, and “get my ducks in a row.”

A Taste of Summer

Although these pictures were taken maybe last year, I found these pictures and decided to blog about my experience eating this gelato. It has been such a long time since I last blogged and I terribly miss it. I kept on telling myself I would get back to blogging but I never get round to it. Now that I am working in digital marketing it has really inspired me to blog again. I have learned so much from my job that I can actually apply it to blogging.

For some, this gelato may be outdated but for me it is never too late, especially for those who haven’t yet tried it. This BONO gelato is located at SM Makati near the connection between SM Makati and Glorietta, opposite Seattle’s Best.

I love trying new things! Especially if it has interesting flavours. Lately I’ve seen articles about different flavoured ice creams and I love it! It’s so much better than just sticking to vanilla or chocolate. Gelato itself is already awesome, so why not try other flavours?

I tried the taho flavoured, partly because I was curious and because well I haven’t yet seen it elsewhere. I would have to say it was great! It definitely had the exact same taste as taho. The portion was worth it and I just couldn’t get enough. I even remembered me and my friend said we would definitely go back for some more but maybe we would try another flavour.

Here are some pictures:


I Made it to New York

It has always been my dream to go to New York. Growing up watching Gossip Girl I wanted to visit all the places where Gossip Girl was filmed. I want to experience it all for myself. For my graduation my auntie bought me a ticket to New York, so along with my auntie, uncle and cousin we got to fly all the way to New York. We spent a few days in Manhattan where we did a bus tour around Brooklyn and upper and lower Manhattan. We got to stay in front of Madison Square Gardens which was also a walking distance from Times Square.

We also took a 3 days tour up to Washington, Maryland and Pennsylvania. This tour for me was great!  I got to see a great view of the trees and literally fell in love. Along the way we even got to see snow, I haven’t seen snow since 2010 and this was such a great feeling to have a break from work and to see something different for a change.

The food as usual this is what I look at, was definitely one of my favourite bits! I mean bagels and coffee for breakfast is like the icing on top of my day. It was perfect, every time. Even their Dunkin Donuts was awesome, with choices of flavours for your drink, sweet and soft donuts and your choice of bread for your sandwhich. They actually care how you want your food. Its like you can have anything you want.

I had a great experience here, despite it being cold and the incredible time difference of 12 hours from the Philippines. It was worth it, I would love to come back!


“Have a Total Lifestyle Transformation in Elken Way, Now in the Philippines”

Its been a while since I’ve been able to blog, with an 8-5 job plus endless hours of being on the road due to traffic I’m always drained. It’s so good to finally have some time to be able to blog.

A year ago the newest leading Malaysian direct selling company Elken arrived in the Philippines. It has continuously rolled out its goal – to provide world-class quality products with holistic approach in health, beauty, well-being, and business opportunities not just for Asian country citizens but now specifically to all Filipinos.

“We want to let Filipinos know that we are here to unify them in our common cause to enrich lives together by making a positive difference in people’s lives through the wonders of Elken products. We are looking after the stories on how Elken products change people’s lives,” said David Wong, General Manager of Elken International Philippines, Co. Ltd., during their maiden bloggers conference last November 29.

True to its philosophy “Builds you to Building Others”, Elken started its humble beginning in 1995 from a space that measured less than 25,000 square feet sharing the vision to enrich lives by nurturing and empowering people to create opportunities of a positive life transformation. From then, Elken expanded with over 500 unique wellness offerings in cosmetics, personal care, wellness, food and beverage, and home care and over 1.8 billion audience across 11 asian countries, which include Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei, Hong Kong, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Taiwan and now Philippines.

Wong also shared that total wellness should begin with comprehensive nutrition that can be found with Elken’s four interesting product line-up to its portfolio for Filipinos.

Starting with its top-selling flagship Elken Spirulina – it is a complete food with 46 essential nutrients in a balanced proportion in line with the human body’s requirements, a chewable source of cholesterol-free protein, and a natural alkaline tablet that contains rich concentrated natural pigments of chlorophyll, beta carotene, xanthophyll, and phycocyanin that helps control the growth of abnormal cells.


Proved that beautiful skin starts from within, Elken’s El Marino Blanc is one of the most prized youth elixirs that helps restore younger-looking skin. It is an enhanced collagen powdered drink formulated to protect the skin from ageing, maintain the skin’s natural system to protect against external elements, and boost immune system which is a combination of Red Orange complex, Viqua Active with ADS Nano Delivery and Collative active.

Solution to coffee-lover Filipinos who are also maintaining healthy lifestyle, Elken has ElCafé – a premium quality 5-in-1 coffee with Ginseng and Gingko Biloba extract made from the finest of Arabica and Robusta coffee powder and non-dairy creamer that surely enchants Filipinos by its rich aroma, and giving them extra energy to cope up their daily work routines anytime every day.

Lastly, Elken’s FujitaLactose-S is a powdered drink that contains probiotics with 1 billion Bifidus bacteria as well as prebiotics such as oligosaccharides that helps the body from indigestion, improves bowel movement, detoxify the body, and prevent toxin reabsorption.

All of these Elken high quality products that are being offered to Filipinos are guaranteed low-cost and within the reach of all type of communities that Philippines have.

Elken is also known not only on product efficacy, but also on the compensation plan that has been giving opportunities to a lot of people to build own businesses that will also help to build others to improve lives in meaningful ways.

More than just products and business opportunity, Elken helps people create a sense of belonging to people by nurturing unity and trust while reaching out people to working together to turn their dreams into reality through the Elken way.

Aside from solid and stable reputation in the multi-national marketing industry worldwide, Elken has been in the market for 20 years, and has offices in 30 cities, and yet keeps on expanding the business exponentially to maintain its pipeline in continuously creating a big difference in the society especially to the Philippine market.

To know more about Elken Philippines, please visit or watch them on YouTube via iElken Global channel ( You may like their Facebook page via to get latest updates.

For immediate inquiries, please contact (02) 535 22 66 or 0917 5110176 to get in touch directly.



Troika Resto & Art Gallery 

I studied in UST for four years and occasionally I would go out for drinks with my friends. However we always had the problem of where to find a place with a good ambiance, a wide choice of drinks and good food.

It was only yesterday where I finally found a place where we could have gone ages ago. Although it is slightly far from where I used to stay, I think it would be worth it to go here more often, especially to drink. There were so many different choices of drinks plus promos. 

I ordered the chicken pesto and a margarita, though I could not taste much of the alcohol it was good enough for ₱10o. The pasta I loved, they said it was for 2 people but it really wasn’t. But it was still enjoyable. 

The place itself had a great ambiance, it was comfy and relaxing. One of their best sellers is paella but sadly it wasn’t available, so if I do get to go back this is what I would order. 

Must Try Mexican-Inspired Restaurant for Those Living in the South

With Mexican food growing on our choices of “where do we eat?” or “where should we go?” the South peeps no longer have to submerge through the biggest problem we face today, traffic. Paranaque has now started to add to its busy streets, with foods that can be found in places like Kapitolyo or Maginhawa. BF Homes catching up to these two well-known places to eat your heart out, has also spread to Dona Soledad, to the other side of Paranaque. Chef-owner Mikel Zaguirre of Locavore opened up a Mexican-inspired restaurant just this February 2016.

Along the road of Dona Soledad this pops out in the eyes of those seeking for an adventurous food trip, being the only unique restaurant along the road, with places like Army Navy and Yellow Cab already being popular; Taqueria 101 gives a different vibe.

Stepping inside a cramped but perfectly decorated place, it lures you in to its extremely well organized interior from left to right. Despite it being narrow there is a place in the corner for couples giving them the intimacy they want, away from groups of family or friends. The decorations follow the theme precisely; with Mexican hats, colorful artwork on the walls and matching chairs; cups and placemats.

Taqueria 101 has a variety of unique mouthwatering dishes; these Mexican-inspired dishes are out of this world. Where will you find a savory dish splashed with strawberry sauce? They have dishes you won’t find in leading Mexican restaurants, such as this hard taco with smoked salmon, cream cheese and strawberry sauce. Despite it being small it tickles your senses with a soft, creamy yet hard texture all splurging in your mouth full of juice from the salmon but then with a hint of strawberry. They all clash together, giving you a sensational taste of something out of the ordinary.

This intimate restaurant is well known for its nacho fundido, to share with a group of friends or even family. It is stacked with chips, angus picadillo, queso, crema, cheese sauce and jalapeno. Followed by the best sellers which are a must try, the smoked bacon quesadilla, pepperoni + chorizo tlayudas and to finish it off for dessert the churro s’mores.

This newly opened, unique restaurant is definitely a must try for those who are looking for dishes not on their menu, perfect for a quick date or even a snack with family or friends. Located at 101 Dona Soledad Ave. Better Living Subdivision, Don Bosco, Paranaque City. Opening times: Mon-Sat 3pm to 1am and Sun 11am to 11pm

.On top of all of this, to give you a kick during the first half of your week Taqueria 101 offers a promo every Tuesday, with buy 1 get 1 free on all local beers. Now who wouldn’t go for this offer if you just want to sit back and enjoy a drink from 9pm to 12nn every now and again on a Tuesday evening? They even serve other alcoholic beverages such as cocktails and corona at an affordable price. So, need to go all the way to a fancy bar when you have a package deal right by your front door for those living in the South. Also it is not overflowing with people rummaging around; instead it has a calm vibe confined from the busy streets of the city.


Tagaytay Highlands

A perfect getaway for a calm and relaxing time with family. Although as everyone knows that a membership is needed and it is not easy just to stay here in Tagaytay Highlands, it was a privilege to go here.

Salmon Steak
English Trifle

I had an overnight staycation with my family. I fell in love with the place, it was beautiful. It was quite and peaceful with the perfect view. Though it was extremely hot and not really expected for a place high above the sea level. it was the perfect weather for a stroll around for pictures and eating all day long. Which is pretty much all we did. Eat, eat and eat.