Ice Bar London

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Just last year I started to go to bars with friends. Starting off here in the Philippines going to two around UST and then one in Taft. These bars were just the usual, drinks, music chairs and tables. I mean that is what you expect from bars right. But then when I was in London last year (2014) for the summer my cousin took me, my sister and the rest of our cousins to Ice Bar London.

I didn’t know what to expect and I didn’t even do research on it, I just wen along not knowing what I’ll see. Before entering you are given like something to put over your clothes (it made you look like an eskimo) attatched to it were gloves. You really did have to wear this as it is -5 degrees celsius and you are only given 45minutes to stay inside, you wouldn’t want to stay any longer.

EVERYTHING is made from ice; the glass for the drinks, seats and chairs. It was really awesome, the floor wasn’t slippery though I don’t even remember what the floor was made from, I didn’t pay too much attention.

We were each given one free drink which mostly consists of cocktails, the drinks were pretty expensive. The cool thing is even the glass you use for the drinks after awhile started to melt, I’ve never seen anything like it before.

I really liked this bar, is s great to visit. However it is not the kind of bar you will regularly attend or hang out with the often. The temperature is too cold and the drinks are too expensive, but it is a great place just to experience. Now I can say I’ve been to a bar made completely out of ice!


To Hogwarts We Go! 

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Every birthday I would always watch Harry Potter in the cinema with friends and I would always look forward to it. However I did not read any of the books, I remember my dad buying me the second book; Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets but I did not reach the end of chapter one. I am sure all the books are addictive and great but I never really liked books about fantasy. I found it hard to imagine and I felt like my brain had to work even harder to imagine the scenes and everything that went on in the book. I much prefer books that I could relate to, where it was about real people, no witches and wizards and what not.

Last year summer 2014 I went with my family to Harry Potters World and I was amazed by it! You got to walk through and see how everything was made, you get to see how much work everyone put into it, not just the actors. You never really appreciate it or feel the effort and work until you go to Harry Potters World. You realize that there is more to it than just a book being put to life.

They showed the architecture, how the castle was designed and built; then the costumes; then the potions and every bit of detail the movie had to offer. They even showed how they filmed them flying. It was great to see that not only were the actors appreciated but everyone who worked to put it together.

The one thing that I enjoyed the most which might sound childish, was the souvenir shop. You got to see all the sweets that were in the movie, (no free tasters though), they even sold wands and the uniform. I got to buy a pillow and I think that was pretty much it. But I would definitely go back to this section!! Overall Harry Potters World was great, I would definitely suggest not only fans but those who want to see what all the hype is about. You will appreciate and understand it at the end.


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One of my favourite Filipino movies is For The First Time and because of this movie I told myself how much I wanted to go to Greece specifically Santorini. Going to Greece was a surprise from my mum as she wanted a family outing. After two years of not going back to London last year 2014, my mum decided it would be good if we went as a family to Greece.

To my disappointment we didn’t go to Santorini however we got to visit a few islands and Athens. It was something I will never forget. We stayed in Greece for nearly a whole week but outside of the city near the beach. We were somewhat far from Athens and we would either a take a taxi or a a bus. It was around 50mins away but it was great to get to try their public transport, usually a bus. A taxi cost too much so we would usually only use it when coming home as we would be too tired to wait for a bus.

In Athens we went to the historical places, for me this was not fun. I have never been into history and so I didn’t particularly enjoy it or paid attention to it. Athens for me is great for those who have a love for history so it is definitely not for me. I enjoyed just being in a different city!

One thing I did enjoy about Greece was the food. I loved everything I ate there, whether it was their traditional foods, salads, pizzas etc. my tummy was definitely satisfied, I could definitely survive off the food here. I even got to try two of their beers and their coffee. Same as their food I fell in love with it. The beers were perfect especially while we were chilling at the beach.

On our last days at Greece we spent it at the beach, having a walk, swimming and relaxing. I am used to only visiting beaches here in the Philippines and so I was happy that I got to try a beach in another continent.

Overall I want to go back to Greece, this time to the different islands and I would go to Greece just to go the beach and to eat.

Beginners Attempt at Surfing

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Last year 2014 I eventually got to try something I’ve always wanted to try, I got to surf. I was so excited at trying this it felt like a dream, I really couldn’t imagine myself on the board. Getting on the board for the first time I actually managed to stand on the board but after every try I would continuously fall off. It was so much fun being on the board and trying to get back on it again, though my arms were hurting so bad afterwards.

We were first introduced to all the different types of boards and then we were shown how to get on the board they followed it up with the pre-cautions of falling off.

The waves for me were already big and every time my guide would push me towards the waves I would hold on extra tight to the board, he would then turn the board around. Apparently these waves weren’t even big yet, so I have no idea what will happen if I try anything bigger. I had to wait for the signal before I could stand on the board as he would wait for the waves to push me.

I would love for this to be my sport and I really do want to try it again. Despite it affecting my skin colour I will still surf whenever I can but not too much, I refuse to make my skin any darker.

Chillin’ With Food

I have never been a fan of Cafe UK though I have to admit when it did open I was excited to see what it would be like. Being in London for sixteen years, my homesickness never really went away and to see something that’s related to London or UK made me kind of excited. I thought to myself maybe this place would make me feel at home.

Well it didn’t really. I was disappointed with the prices of the drink as they are overpriced and I am not a fan of their drinks because they are sweet. I have a sweet tooth but when it comes to sweet coffee I hate it! I like my coffee strong, the stronger the better. Due to this I didn’t come down here often and I would always veer away from it. Until I finally tried their cakes.

I fell in love with their cakes, I am a sucker for pretty cakes and I love cakes that look good. So far these are the two cakes that I have tried, my favourite one is the Reese’s Cake, though I shared it. These cakes taste great however it can get too sweet and you will crave for something salty afterwards so it’s great to share it.

The salad was definitely worth it, at first I thought it would be like all the other places that sold salads where it would be too pricey but with a small amount. I was shocked when I saw the amount and it was definitely filling. I didn’t like how they had meat in it as lately I have cut down on meats such as pork and chicken but other than that it was great.

My perspective on Cafe UK has definitely changed and if ever I want a cake or a good salad I know where to come! Even their panini’s taste good it’s even served with crisps. Too bad I don’t have any pictures though, maybe next time!

Banapple: Pies & Cheesecakes

I much prefer cupcakes preferably because of the way they look. They attract my attention as soon as I pass them, it is one of my weaknesses however lately I have been eating cakes more often. Every birthday celebration I always look forward to the cake, my favourite being the victoria sponge cake and I love the icing that comes with it. I guess you could say that I have a sweet tooth.

I have been trying cakes from different cafe’s, being a coffee lover I always find myself at  a cafe as soon as classes are dismissed. I not only order coffee but a slice of cake either to share with a friend or all to myself.

I will post photos from cakes that I have tried in cafe’s near UST. For now here are photos or food and cakes I tried at Banapple at SM North Edsa. They decided to take me here as I have never been before and I heard that the cakes were really good. I never knew that not only do they sell cakes but also foods such as pasta, sandwiches, salads and even rice meals.

I ate here with two of my other friends having a bite out of each others cake before savouring into our own cakes eventually cleaning our plates. These cakes were perfect and my friends were right, that there really is a separate space in your tummy for desert. I ordered a salad and shared the tuna pie. The pie was great but extremely filling, I did not get to taste the other main meals however my friends seemed to enjoy it. The cakes are definitely a thumbs up and I would love to try all their other cakes.

First Few Months

Processed with VSCOcamSo its been the third month of the year and I am already tired of all the drama that has been thrown at me. It’s not even half way through the year but I have learned so much. I have somehow managed to survive these few months.

I’ve lost friends , lost trust and lost hope. All of these has taught me something new, sadly learning them the hard way. I realized who my real friends are and I finally proved that it is not about the quantity but the quality of a friendship. I eventually opened my eyes to the fact that it really isn’t about having loads of friends. It is best to just have a few friends and focus on them, building a stronger relationship with them.

All of this showed me that I should be more cautious with who I tell things to; not everyone needs to know you story because sometimes they’re just there for the gossip.

I never thought I would lose trust in people, I’ve lost the trust in people and it really is hard to go back. It is hard to gain someone’s trust. After my trust was broken by a lot of people I have now started to build a wall. I’ve finally built a wall so that not everyone can get through. I want to protect myself and make sure the same thing doesn’t happen twice. I want to make sure I won’t go back t the things that have hurt me. Once the damage is done, there’s no going back.

Then there’s hope, I hung onto a rope hoping one day I would reach the top. However, someone let go of that rope. I tried so hard to climb up the rope and even though my hands were giving up I hung on. Now I know that’s not how it should have been. If someone wanted me to reach the top the would have pulled me up up and saved me. They would have never allowed me to hang onto a rope in the first place.

From this I’ve learned that if someone wants you in their life they will allow you without even asking. You will always have space for that special someone but sometimes you have to accept the fact that you’re not not the one for them and they’re not the one for you. That’s okay, that’s how we learn. We get pushed down and our eyes are opened to reality. It’s not all about rainbows and butterflies, it’s about how you survive through the rain, thunder, storm and lightning that attack you all at once.

I am proud of myself, sometimes I don’t even know how I get through all of this. There were times I just wanted to hide and disappear but after realizing that I got this far, I stood back up again. I am done crying and moping around, I won’t allow anyone to bring me down especially if it’s not worth my time.

Everyone’s time is precious no matter who you are so I guess it’s best to spend it wisely. Hang out with friends and family, do what you want and keep on thinking positive even if you’re looking into a black hole. It might not get you anywhere but it will keep you going.

Hope is like strings holding you up like a puppet, even if you didn’t want to stand up, you’re forced to stand up anyway. Give yourself no choice but to keep on going

Conti’s Bakeshop & Restaurant

Symphony Salad
Almond Choco Sans Rival

I’ve never really appreciated Conti’s as it was just a place where we would have dinner with family and I never really paid much attention to the menu. However my friend and I decided to eat here as she had never been before and she heard it was good. Seeing as I had went to Vikings the day before and I was not ready to pile on even more calories I went for a salad not expecting to have desert afterwards. My friend convinced me to share a cake with her afterwards seeing as it was a “must” that we try the cakes here.

The symphony salad was great having a mixture of grapes, apple and almonds I fell in love with it. I like to try different salads avoiding the ones with any meat, I love salads with fruits in it especially mango, it adds the tangy taste of salad dressing. I loved this salad although I was very disappointed with the size, it was just a solo and it was too expensive for the size. It tasted great though with all the right flavours combining in my mouth.

The Almond Choco Sans Rival was even better! As soon as I took the first mouthful I thought to myself “I’m so glad I ordered you.” The taste was just right, meaning it wasn’t too sweet so you wouldn’t get tired of the taste and every spoonful left you wanting more and more, I even told my friend that I could finish a whole cake of this right now! I would definitely order it again but I would love to taste all the other best selling cakes Conti’s has to offer.