Conti’s Bakeshop & Restaurant

Symphony Salad
Almond Choco Sans Rival

I’ve never really appreciated Conti’s as it was just a place where we would have dinner with family and I never really paid much attention to the menu. However my friend and I decided to eat here as she had never been before and she heard it was good. Seeing as I had went to Vikings the day before and I was not ready to pile on even more calories I went for a salad not expecting to have desert afterwards. My friend convinced me to share a cake with her afterwards seeing as it was a “must” that we try the cakes here.

The symphony salad was great having a mixture of grapes, apple and almonds I fell in love with it. I like to try different salads avoiding the ones with any meat, I love salads with fruits in it especially mango, it adds the tangy taste of salad dressing. I loved this salad although I was very disappointed with the size, it was just a solo and it was too expensive for the size. It tasted great though with all the right flavours combining in my mouth.

The Almond Choco Sans Rival was even better! As soon as I took the first mouthful I thought to myself “I’m so glad I ordered you.” The taste was just right, meaning it wasn’t too sweet so you wouldn’t get tired of the taste and every spoonful left you wanting more and more, I even told my friend that I could finish a whole cake of this right now! I would definitely order it again but I would love to taste all the other best selling cakes Conti’s has to offer.


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