Intramuros 2013

About a week ago me and my friends made a trip to Intramuros. We went there to volunteer for Red Cross. We had a project in one of our classes, Social Teachings of The Church. We had to do something or anything to raise money for the Yolanda victims. We spent three hours sorting out clothes and then packing them. We did two sets of clothes each for a mum, dad, daughter, son etc. Some worked in pairs others on their own. It was extremely hot and it drained the energy out of all of us. But it was a great experience to be able to help out even though it was tiring, I knew that I helped out all I could. But obviously still not enough. I didn’t want to complain because I knew that there are more people suffering and going through worse than what I was experiencing.

Before this however we had 1 hour to spare and I wanted to see Intramuros. I’ve been there before but I just don’t remember so I decided to look around.

The architecture really interested me and caught my attention. It looked as if you were in Spain, the influence was still there. The dorms were creepy at the same time I wanted to go inside. I could imagine how haunted all the dorms must be.

I also got to see where the old UST was, I wish it was still there. I also wanted to go inside Manila Cathedral but it was under construction. It looked so nice from the outside. This town must be haunted because of the history that runs through it. This made it more exciting. The town was amazing, I really enjoyed it.

I want to go back so that I can visit the Fort Santiago. It was even more fun with friends. I would definitely go back here. It’s a place that has so much history and keeps it within its


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