Banapple: Pies & Cheesecakes

I much prefer cupcakes preferably because of the way they look. They attract my attention as soon as I pass them, it is one of my weaknesses however lately I have been eating cakes more often. Every birthday celebration I always look forward to the cake, my favourite being the victoria sponge cake and I love the icing that comes with it. I guess you could say that I have a sweet tooth.

I have been trying cakes from different cafe’s, being a coffee lover I always find myself at  a cafe as soon as classes are dismissed. I not only order coffee but a slice of cake either to share with a friend or all to myself.

I will post photos from cakes that I have tried in cafe’s near UST. For now here are photos or food and cakes I tried at Banapple at SM North Edsa. They decided to take me here as I have never been before and I heard that the cakes were really good. I never knew that not only do they sell cakes but also foods such as pasta, sandwiches, salads and even rice meals.

I ate here with two of my other friends having a bite out of each others cake before savouring into our own cakes eventually cleaning our plates. These cakes were perfect and my friends were right, that there really is a separate space in your tummy for desert. I ordered a salad and shared the tuna pie. The pie was great but extremely filling, I did not get to taste the other main meals however my friends seemed to enjoy it. The cakes are definitely a thumbs up and I would love to try all their other cakes.


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