Beginners Attempt at Surfing

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Last year 2014 I eventually got to try something I’ve always wanted to try, I got to surf. I was so excited at trying this it felt like a dream, I really couldn’t imagine myself on the board. Getting on the board for the first time I actually managed to stand on the board but after every try I would continuously fall off. It was so much fun being on the board and trying to get back on it again, though my arms were hurting so bad afterwards.

We were first introduced to all the different types of boards and then we were shown how to get on the board they followed it up with the pre-cautions of falling off.

The waves for me were already big and every time my guide would push me towards the waves I would hold on extra tight to the board, he would then turn the board around. Apparently these waves weren’t even big yet, so I have no idea what will happen if I try anything bigger. I had to wait for the signal before I could stand on the board as he would wait for the waves to push me.

I would love for this to be my sport and I really do want to try it again. Despite it affecting my skin colour I will still surf whenever I can but not too much, I refuse to make my skin any darker.


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