Chillin’ With Food

I have never been a fan of Cafe UK though I have to admit when it did open I was excited to see what it would be like. Being in London for sixteen years, my homesickness never really went away and to see something that’s related to London or UK made me kind of excited. I thought to myself maybe this place would make me feel at home.

Well it didn’t really. I was disappointed with the prices of the drink as they are overpriced and I am not a fan of their drinks because they are sweet. I have a sweet tooth but when it comes to sweet coffee I hate it! I like my coffee strong, the stronger the better. Due to this I didn’t come down here often and I would always veer away from it. Until I finally tried their cakes.

I fell in love with their cakes, I am a sucker for pretty cakes and I love cakes that look good. So far these are the two cakes that I have tried, my favourite one is the Reese’s Cake, though I shared it. These cakes taste great however it can get too sweet and you will crave for something salty afterwards so it’s great to share it.

The salad was definitely worth it, at first I thought it would be like all the other places that sold salads where it would be too pricey but with a small amount. I was shocked when I saw the amount and it was definitely filling. I didn’t like how they had meat in it as lately I have cut down on meats such as pork and chicken but other than that it was great.

My perspective on Cafe UK has definitely changed and if ever I want a cake or a good salad I know where to come! Even their panini’s taste good it’s even served with crisps. Too bad I don’t have any pictures though, maybe next time!


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