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One of my favourite Filipino movies is For The First Time and because of this movie I told myself how much I wanted to go to Greece specifically Santorini. Going to Greece was a surprise from my mum as she wanted a family outing. After two years of not going back to London last year 2014, my mum decided it would be good if we went as a family to Greece.

To my disappointment we didn’t go to Santorini however we got to visit a few islands and Athens. It was something I will never forget. We stayed in Greece for nearly a whole week but outside of the city near the beach. We were somewhat far from Athens and we would either a take a taxi or a a bus. It was around 50mins away but it was great to get to try their public transport, usually a bus. A taxi cost too much so we would usually only use it when coming home as we would be too tired to wait for a bus.

In Athens we went to the historical places, for me this was not fun. I have never been into history and so I didn’t particularly enjoy it or paid attention to it. Athens for me is great for those who have a love for history so it is definitely not for me. I enjoyed just being in a different city!

One thing I did enjoy about Greece was the food. I loved everything I ate there, whether it was their traditional foods, salads, pizzas etc. my tummy was definitely satisfied, I could definitely survive off the food here. I even got to try two of their beers and their coffee. Same as their food I fell in love with it. The beers were perfect especially while we were chilling at the beach.

On our last days at Greece we spent it at the beach, having a walk, swimming and relaxing. I am used to only visiting beaches here in the Philippines and so I was happy that I got to try a beach in another continent.

Overall I want to go back to Greece, this time to the different islands and I would go to Greece just to go the beach and to eat.


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