Scotland Again and Again!

I love Scotland! After the many times that I have been there I can never get enough of it. I absolutely love the city, no matter where I am in the world; full of life and tall buildings and lights. Edinburgh has the most amazing view, with all the pretty trees and nature. The buildings are different from the office buildings and skyscraper buildings you get in your average city. Edinburgh is full of castles and unique buildings, with ancient designs.

The weather however is different to the British weather, I much prefer it actually. Even though the sun is out you still get a cold breeze which is refreshing at first. I prefer this to the weather in the Philippines where it is hot and humid all at the same time.

Staying over night in Edinburgh was not enough, although there is not much to do apart from visit castles and enjoy the scenery. There is a tour bus and the best bit for me is shopping, though this time I didn’t actually get to go shopping.

The castle that we visited (I forgot the name), was boring the second time around and I was able to realize that I prefer the Tower of London or the palaces in London. The castle was open and big where it is all separated so you would have to go from building to building. We didn’t have a tour guide instead we used the audio guides to help us, half the time I wasn’t really listening. I wouldn’t go back there again but it was very interesting and exciting to be able to roam around the castle.


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