To Hogwarts We Go! 

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Every birthday I would always watch Harry Potter in the cinema with friends and I would always look forward to it. However I did not read any of the books, I remember my dad buying me the second book; Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets but I did not reach the end of chapter one. I am sure all the books are addictive and great but I never really liked books about fantasy. I found it hard to imagine and I felt like my brain had to work even harder to imagine the scenes and everything that went on in the book. I much prefer books that I could relate to, where it was about real people, no witches and wizards and what not.

Last year summer 2014 I went with my family to Harry Potters World and I was amazed by it! You got to walk through and see how everything was made, you get to see how much work everyone put into it, not just the actors. You never really appreciate it or feel the effort and work until you go to Harry Potters World. You realize that there is more to it than just a book being put to life.

They showed the architecture, how the castle was designed and built; then the costumes; then the potions and every bit of detail the movie had to offer. They even showed how they filmed them flying. It was great to see that not only were the actors appreciated but everyone who worked to put it together.

The one thing that I enjoyed the most which might sound childish, was the souvenir shop. You got to see all the sweets that were in the movie, (no free tasters though), they even sold wands and the uniform. I got to buy a pillow and I think that was pretty much it. But I would definitely go back to this section!! Overall Harry Potters World was great, I would definitely suggest not only fans but those who want to see what all the hype is about. You will appreciate and understand it at the end.


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