The 5 Things I Learned the Hard Way

1. Never rush things This is already a given to many as well all know it’s never good to jump into anything. Imagine jumping off a cliff but not checking how deep the water is, or how strong the waves are or better yet if there are rocks around. That’s what rushing into things feel like. You’re going straight to it but you’re not thinking about the consequences or the outcomes. I mean it’s okay if you are ready and if you can manage. Actually its more about being prepared for what will happen next because we all know taking risks can be something difficult for others. I had to learn this hard way, I jumped into things and I ended getting myself into sticky situations. It happened more than once but with different situations, where I could have said no or walked away, I never did. I am definitely a risk taker but then I always wonder why I get myself in such sticky situations but in the end I have myself to blame. After getting myself into these situations though, I manage to get out somehow. So do I regret it? Yes and no at the same time. Yes because it was way too painful I found it hard to pick myself up and sometimes I lost hope. I got to points where I was getting fed up with crying or my eyes were too dry to cry more. No, because I feel stronger and braver, I feel like I can take on more, but not everything just yet.

2. You don’t need so many friends They always say it’s not about quantity but quality, that as you get older your group of friends get smaller. They are right, as you get older you realize you don’t need that many friends. Sometimes having so many friends make you lose count of who your real friends are. Another thing they say is true, to be careful who you tell things to because some actually care and others are just there for the gossip.

3. Nothing goes as you expect You have everything planned out and you get so excited you can already imagine and even feel it. However when it gets there its either worse than you could have ever imagined or even better. I came to the Philippines having so many expectations and everything I imagined it to be it was nothing compared to how I expected it. I have been on the craziest roller coaster ride being here; times where I wanted to give up and times I fell in love with it here. It has so far been amazing, at the the end of the day I have learned so much and experienced new things. I guess it is more than I could have imagined, it turned out to be better than I imagined.

4. Sometimes family is all you have Before I would go straight to my friends whenever I had any problems, they’d be the first ones I would call or cry to. As I got older I realized sometimes friends are not always there for you and no matter what your family will always understand and be there for you. Now the first thing I do when I am down is go straight to my mum or sister. I would have never done this a few years ago. It was only now that I realized at the end of the day you will always go back to your mum, your mum will be there for you no matter what. She will be your shoulder in need and for siblings they will be there to not judge you but to tell you the truth. Family will always have your back, friends can to but sometimes your friends have their own problems to deal with, but when it comes to family; their problems are your problems.

5. To say ‘no’ Actually until now I am still learning this but I have improved and realized many things because of the many times I said yes when I could have said no. I do know how to say no and this is something very important to everyone, saying yes can lead you into the drains. In the end it is up to you if you can deal with the consequences. Learning to say no is hard because it is about self-control and decisions. Even if you haven’t mastered it, I guess the most important lesson is that you always have in your mind that there is always an option of saying no. Even if you chose to say yes you must stand up on your own and deal with the consequences that come with it.