Vice Ganda Concert 

For the second time in a row I got to see Vice Ganda on stage. I never get tired of Vice’s jokes I remember the first time I went I was so close to crying from all the laughter. For me the previous concert was better as there were more guests and his outfits were more extreme.

Though I didn’t finish the concer I was still laughing so loud it actually made my throat hurt. I was so amazed by the creativity and the concepts especially where he did a number inspired by 50 shades. I could not believe this, I didn’t get to take many pictures of this or videos but I was surprised he did a number like that. For me it was such a brave thing to do, to have men grind and dance so close to his body while he was blindfolded.

As usual it was great to go to his concert and it was definitely worth it.



Manalmon Adventure 

After a my third year of university full of ups and downs it was a great relief to go on an adventure. It was such an experience to do something different. With my cousins and auntie we got to climb, hike, swim,entered a cave and even got to try cliff diving for the first time.

All of it was perfect. Running on a few hours of sleep we kept on going, but for me it didn’t feel like I had to push myself because I was up for all of it. Though my experience inside the cave made me shake and panic and with a bit of screaming and shouting I managed to jump, climb and squeeze into parts of the cave. Now that was a day that I will never forgot although at the end I was exhausted I would love to do something like that again.

It was such a thrill and such a great feeling to have the opportunity to do something like that. To be far away and to be somewhere different. To be able to see a different view other than buildings and thousands of people surrounding me.

Being away from the city, being in a secluded places and swimming in a lake where it was fresh and didn’t sting my eyes with chemicals I loved every bit of the adventure.