Manalmon Adventure 

After a my third year of university full of ups and downs it was a great relief to go on an adventure. It was such an experience to do something different. With my cousins and auntie we got to climb, hike, swim,entered a cave and even got to try cliff diving for the first time.

All of it was perfect. Running on a few hours of sleep we kept on going, but for me it didn’t feel like I had to push myself because I was up for all of it. Though my experience inside the cave made me shake and panic and with a bit of screaming and shouting I managed to jump, climb and squeeze into parts of the cave. Now that was a day that I will never forgot although at the end I was exhausted I would love to do something like that again.

It was such a thrill and such a great feeling to have the opportunity to do something like that. To be far away and to be somewhere different. To be able to see a different view other than buildings and thousands of people surrounding me.

Being away from the city, being in a secluded places and swimming in a lake where it was fresh and didn’t sting my eyes with chemicals I loved every bit of the adventure.




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