Hong Kong: Day 5

Here’s to the our last day in Hong Kong after having a lazy morning at the hotel we decided to go to a cafe nearby. It has such a cute theme and if it we had one near my school I would probabaly be here a lot apart from the prices. We tried the all day breakfast complete with scrambled egg, baked beans, bacon, fried tomatoes and much more!    We tried a sandwhich with pita bread, the chicken tasted so good. It was juicy and full of flavour.    Of course we also tried the deserts, I had my favourite, macarons. It was a huge macaron with strawberries and cream inside. It was truly awesome, it was perfect.    Followed by the drink Peppermint Patty with orange premium chocolate. You can choose a character and then you can pick whether you want it to be chocolate or coffee. If its chocolate you can pick either chocolate or orange chocolate. I tried orange chocolate so that its different. I enjoyed this too.               All in all the cafe was cute. It had a great theme with cute choices of designs on your drink. The decorations were great! Followed by cute seats decorations on tables, ceilings and the wall.                                 


Hong Kong: Day 4 

After staying at the hotel all day today recovering from a flu I decided to eat outside for dinner. We went to try dim sum again, this time we tried different ones. Just like the last time, I enjoyed it, I love the food here. One of the things I like about travelling is trying new foods however I’m not really a fan of exotic foods but I like trying dishes from the country. It is one of the best experiences you can have when travelling.

Left: Steamed rice skin role with shrimp Right: Steamed rice skin role with crispy shrimp
Black truffle mushroom dumpling
Steamed custard bun
Crab role shumai

Hong Kong to Macau 

Day three of our trip, we spent it in Macau. We did a day trip to Macau just a ferry away from Hong Kong. We got to see the ruins of St. Pauls church, buy cheap soveigners then taste different kinds of biscuits. That would probably be the best part, trying the biscuits.

Ruins of St. Pauls church
Koi Kei bakery, all different kinds of biscuits , tarts and pork jerky

   There were biscuits with almonds, sesame seeds, pistachios and much more. I even got to try pork jerky which was suggested for me to try. I prefer pork jerky over beef jerkey. It was full of flavour and wasn’t so chewy. I accidently broke my rule to not eat pork but this had to be an exception. It would have been a waste not to try.

The wonderful pork jerky

Another great part was the buffet that we had, though I didn’t each as much as I was feeling sick. The food was a mix of Portuguese and asian food. There was Portugues salad and then kidney beans with sausages which tasted so good.

View from St. Pauls church

All in all Macau was great! Apart from being ill I would definetly go back again, I would stay over night and maybe even try the casino when I’m a bit older.

Hong Kong: Day 2 

The last time I came here I got to visit Disney Land, this time round I got to go to Ocean Park. I enjoyed this a lot more than Disney Land. I love theme parks and I love big rides. I had such a great time here especially as there were no long lines. However I really think you need more than a day to go around and see the shows.

If I was to go back here I would go earlier maybe around 8am or 9am so that I can go on more rides. We had a bit of a problem with one of the shows. We were so excited to see the dolphin show, we waited for 45minutes and then decided to leave as we thought we were wasting our time. We saw later that there really was no show at that time. They did not have the right schedule on the handouts and there were no announcements to any changes. We wasted time but we were able to see the dolphins swim and do a few tricks. We got to rest as well, the weather today was great, it was too hot I actually got darker. On top of that my face was sweating so badly it looked like I poured water all over my face! It was rainign heavy in the morning but after lunch it was extenely hot. The tour guide was right, they really do experience four seasons in one day.      Another thing I enjoyed was the jelly fishes. I don’t think I’ve ever seen live jellly fishes especially this big. The whole time it reminded me of Finding Nemo.

I got to try another new thing today, Nestle Pear Tea with aloe vera bits. I love this drink, I wish we had this in the Philippines. I love how they mix so many things with tea like this drink and then the milk tea and coffee I had yesterday. I’m starting to love tea! I had milk tea again today because it has really got to my taste buds. I love the milk tea here!  

Hong Kong: Day 1

This would be my second time to visit Hong Kong after nearly three years. After arriving here at around 9am I already got to try something new and took a walk on the busy streets of Hong Kong. I love cities and I love how they have signs popping out everywhere and overlapping eachother, it makes the buildings look more full of life. 

I’m not a fan of tea but I love coffee so I was amazed to see how they actually combined the two drinks. The hot milk tea with coffee tasted more like tea with a hint of coffee, so it wasn’t strong like I like my coffee but it was good enough for a hot drink. After a rainy arrival it was good enough to warm me up. The taste of the tea reminded me of England. The cold drink however was more sweet, I just got a sip of it but I’m guessing it would be more refreshing on a hot sunny day. The lemon tea however I didn’t get to try but it was served with way too many lemons! 

After eating we walked around a bit just to familiarize ourselves with the area. They have a 7-eleven and a watsons here, I didn’t know about that as I didn’t see it before when I was here. It was also great to walk around despite the bad weather that hit us.


Bottom right and left: milk tea w/ coffee; Top: lemon tea
Baked chicke with spicey Korean duck sauce and rice
Carnarvon Road
Prat Avenue
Chatham Road South
Cameron Road

Naso Clear 

For the second time in my ojt I got to go back to Quezon City, this time to a hotel. The Luxent Hotel held a press conference for Naso Clear, a spray to help protect our health from all the different kinds of pollution.

It was only in this press conference that I actually realized that pollution is very harmful for us. It effects our nose, lungs and can even effect the heart. There are so many factors that make up pollution that we do not even realize. Pollution surrounds us everywhere we go but we forget or maybe don’t realize that it is bad for our health. 

I didn’t even know that there are different levels of pollution and it even gets to a point where we shouldn’t even be going out. 

Naso Clear helps clear our nose and makes it easier for us to breathe destroying all the bacteria that we inhale. The great thing about it is that it is so cheap, costing only P71-74 pesos. A bottle can last up to two weeks if used daily. This is a great price seeing as I spend way more than this, so I would definitely love to give it a try one day. 


(Last two photos taken by Camille Valencia) 

Fete De La Musique 

Makati known for its night life showed the Philippines what it’s truly made of. Makati hosted a successful event called Fete De La Musique. There were different areas playing different kinds of music such as jazz, hip-hop, electronic and much more. The main stage being in front of A.Venue suites in the parking lot.

People would jump from place to place to experience and hear different kinds of music. Last night I was able to visit a few of the places, despite the rain I was able to enjoy the music with a few drinks.

I got to visit Tree House where hip-hop was being played. Peoples dressed the part and enjoyed dance offs and rappers shared their beat. With no where to sit due to it being packed the crowd defintely enjoyed it.

Then there was Time, a club I should have visited ages ago. Playing electronic music I was able to really enjoy this. Being one of my favourite genres of music it was a blast being able to chill on the couches then dance to the beat.

Followed by this I got to go to 12 Monkeys for the second time. I definetly love this place, its a chill place always playing good music. Usually there are loads of couches and places to just sit, chill and drink with good music in the background. But last night it was packed with most people standing and enjoying the music.

There were many other places that I did not get to visit but all these places I went to last night were all just a walking distance away. It was great to be able to experience this, it gave me a jam packed night that I did not regret after a tiring day at my ojt.

It would have been a waste to miss out on this as I had a great time!!

Here are a few pictures I took, mostly at the main stage. You’ll be able to see, despite the heavy rain people would still stand and listen to the music.


Meat Depot 

I am not a huge fan of meat nor am I familiar with the different kinds of steaks. Yesterday however I got to eat at a place called Meat Depot located at Aguirre Avenue in BF Homes.

The place had all the meats inside fridges where you could chose whatever you wanted and then get it cooked. You could choose from pork loins, sirloins, sausages etc. they even had fishes such as salmon and cream dory.

I went for the sirloin seeing as I was told that it wasn’t chewy. I don’t like meat that is chewy. There were different sizes that you could chose from so I obviously went for the smallest one that I could find.

After choosing your meat the waiter/waitress would approach you and ask for how you wanted it cooked whether it be medium or well done. They would ask you what sauce; mushroom gravy, spicy pepper sauce or cream sauce. Then they will give you options for your side dish where you can chose from mashed potaoes, french fries and then cream sauce.

 All in all I definetly enjoyed the meal, I loved the sauce and the steak was great! I ordered it medium rare and I finished the whole thing. I really though I couldn’t because I always feel heavy whenever I eat beef. But I really enjoyed it, it tasted good, it wasn’t hard to chew or slice and all in all the portion was just right for me.


Jason Chen

I have forever been a fan of Jason Chen and it was a great opportunity to see him live. I have always appreciated singers who sing live and don’t need a big production. All Jason Chen had was his voice and no back up singers but obviously just a band was enough. His voice was brilliant and I was even more ecstatic when I got to see him so close. I got to be in a group photo with him and the best part was when he sang covers by Maroon 5. It was literally a dream come true!