Meat Depot 

I am not a huge fan of meat nor am I familiar with the different kinds of steaks. Yesterday however I got to eat at a place called Meat Depot located at Aguirre Avenue in BF Homes.

The place had all the meats inside fridges where you could chose whatever you wanted and then get it cooked. You could choose from pork loins, sirloins, sausages etc. they even had fishes such as salmon and cream dory.

I went for the sirloin seeing as I was told that it wasn’t chewy. I don’t like meat that is chewy. There were different sizes that you could chose from so I obviously went for the smallest one that I could find.

After choosing your meat the waiter/waitress would approach you and ask for how you wanted it cooked whether it be medium or well done. They would ask you what sauce; mushroom gravy, spicy pepper sauce or cream sauce. Then they will give you options for your side dish where you can chose from mashed potaoes, french fries and then cream sauce.

 All in all I definetly enjoyed the meal, I loved the sauce and the steak was great! I ordered it medium rare and I finished the whole thing. I really though I couldn’t because I always feel heavy whenever I eat beef. But I really enjoyed it, it tasted good, it wasn’t hard to chew or slice and all in all the portion was just right for me.



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