Fete De La Musique 

Makati known for its night life showed the Philippines what it’s truly made of. Makati hosted a successful event called Fete De La Musique. There were different areas playing different kinds of music such as jazz, hip-hop, electronic and much more. The main stage being in front of A.Venue suites in the parking lot.

People would jump from place to place to experience and hear different kinds of music. Last night I was able to visit a few of the places, despite the rain I was able to enjoy the music with a few drinks.

I got to visit Tree House where hip-hop was being played. Peoples dressed the part and enjoyed dance offs and rappers shared their beat. With no where to sit due to it being packed the crowd defintely enjoyed it.

Then there was Time, a club I should have visited ages ago. Playing electronic music I was able to really enjoy this. Being one of my favourite genres of music it was a blast being able to chill on the couches then dance to the beat.

Followed by this I got to go to 12 Monkeys for the second time. I definetly love this place, its a chill place always playing good music. Usually there are loads of couches and places to just sit, chill and drink with good music in the background. But last night it was packed with most people standing and enjoying the music.

There were many other places that I did not get to visit but all these places I went to last night were all just a walking distance away. It was great to be able to experience this, it gave me a jam packed night that I did not regret after a tiring day at my ojt.

It would have been a waste to miss out on this as I had a great time!!

Here are a few pictures I took, mostly at the main stage. You’ll be able to see, despite the heavy rain people would still stand and listen to the music.



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