Naso Clear 

For the second time in my ojt I got to go back to Quezon City, this time to a hotel. The Luxent Hotel held a press conference for Naso Clear, a spray to help protect our health from all the different kinds of pollution.

It was only in this press conference that I actually realized that pollution is very harmful for us. It effects our nose, lungs and can even effect the heart. There are so many factors that make up pollution that we do not even realize. Pollution surrounds us everywhere we go but we forget or maybe don’t realize that it is bad for our health. 

I didn’t even know that there are different levels of pollution and it even gets to a point where we shouldn’t even be going out. 

Naso Clear helps clear our nose and makes it easier for us to breathe destroying all the bacteria that we inhale. The great thing about it is that it is so cheap, costing only P71-74 pesos. A bottle can last up to two weeks if used daily. This is a great price seeing as I spend way more than this, so I would definitely love to give it a try one day. 


(Last two photos taken by Camille Valencia) 


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