Hong Kong: Day 1

This would be my second time to visit Hong Kong after nearly three years. After arriving here at around 9am I already got to try something new and took a walk on the busy streets of Hong Kong. I love cities and I love how they have signs popping out everywhere and overlapping eachother, it makes the buildings look more full of life. 

I’m not a fan of tea but I love coffee so I was amazed to see how they actually combined the two drinks. The hot milk tea with coffee tasted more like tea with a hint of coffee, so it wasn’t strong like I like my coffee but it was good enough for a hot drink. After a rainy arrival it was good enough to warm me up. The taste of the tea reminded me of England. The cold drink however was more sweet, I just got a sip of it but I’m guessing it would be more refreshing on a hot sunny day. The lemon tea however I didn’t get to try but it was served with way too many lemons! 

After eating we walked around a bit just to familiarize ourselves with the area. They have a 7-eleven and a watsons here, I didn’t know about that as I didn’t see it before when I was here. It was also great to walk around despite the bad weather that hit us.


Bottom right and left: milk tea w/ coffee; Top: lemon tea
Baked chicke with spicey Korean duck sauce and rice
Carnarvon Road
Prat Avenue
Chatham Road South
Cameron Road


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