Hong Kong: Day 2 

The last time I came here I got to visit Disney Land, this time round I got to go to Ocean Park. I enjoyed this a lot more than Disney Land. I love theme parks and I love big rides. I had such a great time here especially as there were no long lines. However I really think you need more than a day to go around and see the shows.

If I was to go back here I would go earlier maybe around 8am or 9am so that I can go on more rides. We had a bit of a problem with one of the shows. We were so excited to see the dolphin show, we waited for 45minutes and then decided to leave as we thought we were wasting our time. We saw later that there really was no show at that time. They did not have the right schedule on the handouts and there were no announcements to any changes. We wasted time but we were able to see the dolphins swim and do a few tricks. We got to rest as well, the weather today was great, it was too hot I actually got darker. On top of that my face was sweating so badly it looked like I poured water all over my face! It was rainign heavy in the morning but after lunch it was extenely hot. The tour guide was right, they really do experience four seasons in one day.      Another thing I enjoyed was the jelly fishes. I don’t think I’ve ever seen live jellly fishes especially this big. The whole time it reminded me of Finding Nemo.

I got to try another new thing today, Nestle Pear Tea with aloe vera bits. I love this drink, I wish we had this in the Philippines. I love how they mix so many things with tea like this drink and then the milk tea and coffee I had yesterday. I’m starting to love tea! I had milk tea again today because it has really got to my taste buds. I love the milk tea here!  


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