Hong Kong to Macau 

Day three of our trip, we spent it in Macau. We did a day trip to Macau just a ferry away from Hong Kong. We got to see the ruins of St. Pauls church, buy cheap soveigners then taste different kinds of biscuits. That would probably be the best part, trying the biscuits.

Ruins of St. Pauls church
Koi Kei bakery, all different kinds of biscuits , tarts and pork jerky

   There were biscuits with almonds, sesame seeds, pistachios and much more. I even got to try pork jerky which was suggested for me to try. I prefer pork jerky over beef jerkey. It was full of flavour and wasn’t so chewy. I accidently broke my rule to not eat pork but this had to be an exception. It would have been a waste not to try.

The wonderful pork jerky

Another great part was the buffet that we had, though I didn’t each as much as I was feeling sick. The food was a mix of Portuguese and asian food. There was Portugues salad and then kidney beans with sausages which tasted so good.

View from St. Pauls church

All in all Macau was great! Apart from being ill I would definetly go back again, I would stay over night and maybe even try the casino when I’m a bit older.


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