Hong Kong: Day 5

Here’s to the our last day in Hong Kong after having a lazy morning at the hotel we decided to go to a cafe nearby. It has such a cute theme and if it we had one near my school I would probabaly be here a lot apart from the prices. We tried the all day breakfast complete with scrambled egg, baked beans, bacon, fried tomatoes and much more!    We tried a sandwhich with pita bread, the chicken tasted so good. It was juicy and full of flavour.    Of course we also tried the deserts, I had my favourite, macarons. It was a huge macaron with strawberries and cream inside. It was truly awesome, it was perfect.    Followed by the drink Peppermint Patty with orange premium chocolate. You can choose a character and then you can pick whether you want it to be chocolate or coffee. If its chocolate you can pick either chocolate or orange chocolate. I tried orange chocolate so that its different. I enjoyed this too.               All in all the cafe was cute. It had a great theme with cute choices of designs on your drink. The decorations were great! Followed by cute seats decorations on tables, ceilings and the wall.                                 


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