My Internship at People’s Journal Publication

It was such a delight to have my internship at People’s Journal Publication. I was so excited and looking forward to doing my internship, it was definetly worth the wait.

I got to experience so much, got to go to new places, meet different kinds of people and for the very first time got to experience the commuting life in the City of Manila. 

Despite the distance where I would spend 2-3 hours commuting every day back and forth, I enjoyed every bit of my internship.

I would take an fx from Sucat to Lawton taking nearly 2hours, as it would get stuck in traffic in NAIA road then in Baclaran then on Roxas Boulevard. It was always a crazy journey especially with the music in the fx which I always hated. My earphones definetly saved my life as I would rush to the back of the fx and drown everything out with music.

The commute home was even longer, I would leave at around 5pm and would reach home at 8pm. It would take maybe 30mins or less to get from People’s Journal to Lawton. Unfortunately the line for the fx at theManila  Post Office would take up to 30-45mins long. I can’t believed I survived this. Then as usual I would get stuck in traffic on my way home. 

The majority of my time I was stationed inside the office. I would wait for the articles to be printed and then I would summarize it and hand it to the news editor. The news editor would hand it back and then I would give it straight to the editor-in-chief. I would do this straight from 1pm until around 4:00-4:30pm. During this I would also try to write articles whenever I had the chance.

I was always busy and there were only a maximum of 30mins every now and again to chill. But I was always up on my feet or typing away. 

The best parts of my ojt were when I got to cover events, I got to cover three events. Two at Quezon City the other at Mall of Asia. They were the best experiences ever. I got to meet so many different people; I got to make friends with bloggers see the lives of those who worked in Public Relations. 

(I previously blogged about the events I got to attend) having to go to places on my own was such an accomplishment for me. From someone who was always locked in their room and always too scared to go out, I made it to places I’ve never been to, on my own. It is something I would never forget and I would do it all over again. This is when I realized I would love to do this in the future. I would love to attend events, get treated as VIP and meet new people. 

Another place that we got to cover was the police station. I never knew that Manila District Police Station existed or that there was a place just for the press. Here we just spent it waiting for news and then writing it. Usually the stories were on crimes such as stabbings or shootings. I was very entertained with the journalists that worked there and was amused by their sense of humour and childish-like attitudes. From them I got to see what it felt like to wait for news and to be under pressure having to go out and get their stories. I saw what it was like when even if it was raining and the weather was horrible to go out in. They were all ready! With slippers, rain coats etc. they were dressed and ready to do their jobs. 

I would say I got a feel of what it was like to be a journalist. I got to see what they do and how they do it. I wouldn’t say I saw much pressure as I felt like they were all used to it, but everywhere I went people took their jobs seriously and were doing theirs jobs. There was no lazing about and everyone was workig towards the deadline. 

I loved the treatment that they gave me and my fellow interns, they did not spoon feed us or told us what to do every step of the way so they gave us no choice but to be independent. They made us really feel what it is like to being in he working world. 

I will neevr forget my internship ans will forever remember all of it and in the future will look back at everything I did and all the things I learned. I am so thankful for it all.



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