Bigbang Concert 

Here’s to my third concert this year and this summer 2015. I am not really a fan of K-pop bands, though I am familiar with them and I have heard a few songs. I went to this concert originally to accompany my sister who is a huge fan of Bigbang for a while now. I ended up enjoying my self. 

I’ve too a few concerts but this one was spectacular, the production was great. I loved where we were seated as  we got to see the whole arena. The arean looked was amazing I was mesmerized by all the hairbands that lit up when all the lights were off. It looked like twinkling stars. 

It was followed by screams, girls screaming they wanted to die; everyone on their feets arms in the air dancing all night long. I really felt the music and the beat, all of this ended up with me having a blocked ear and a headache as I have never experienced something like this before. 

The guys from Bigbang had a great sense of fashion they really pulled of their look. I have to say also that they were great dancers! They sang really well and there was never a dull moment. 



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