Hundred Islands and Pangasinan

I was only 2 when I last visited Hundred Islands and the only thing I remember is having a brownout and my auntie having a night swim. It was great to be back again for a few hours. It was such a shame that our time was limited and we only had around 3 hours to eat, swim and chill. We were so lucky that day to have great weather especially as the day before the rain as extremely bad there were floods everywhere.

We spent the first day in Pangasinan as there was no way we were going to the beach with the heavy rains. Leaving the house at 3am we arrived around 7am and decided to have a quick nap. We spent the whole day eating, watching movies, playing monopoly and drinking. While some chose to take tequila shots, the others chose to stick to beer or wine. It was great how were were stranded together we were able to just enjoy each others company, wrapped in blankets or buried in pillows for the whole day. This was the perfect saturday for me.

The following day we made last minute plans to go to Hundred Islands seeing as it was  waste that we went all the way to Pangasinan but never got to visit Hundred Islands. We took a boat, which took us around the islands. We were shown around all the different islands, it was beautiful. The weather was perfect it was just the right temperature. Te waves were slightly big but it was safe enough to travel. Each island had different activities, there were some where you could go snorkeling; then some you could stay over night or just have a picnic. Then there were some underwater caves. It was such a shame however that we had very little time. We picked an island where we just went brought our own food, we had adobo, dinuguan and fish, with drinks of course. We brought our leftover drinks with us.

All we did was have a swim and chill in the water, after all it was a great end to my internship that previous week.


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