Baguio: Part Two 

We decided to go hiking and seeing as we were in Baguio we went strawberry picking. Unfortunately it wasn’t the season for strawberries so there weren’t many strawberries to pick from as they were still small.

With the wrong pair of shoes I decided to go hiking. It wasn’t a great due to the ground being muddy and damp and every step you took your shoes would sink in. But I enjoyed taking a walk and being in fresh air. It really is a great feeling to be away from the city and with family for a weekend. No pollution, no crowd and no signal.



Baguio: Part One 

My last trip for this summer was to Baguio and for the first I remember I actually enjoyed it. We pretty much spent a whole weekend eating, going strawberry picking and got to visit the location of Forevermore. 

The weather was way too cold I had to buy a hat and I had to wear several layers. It really reminded me of being back in England again, which I didn’t like. It makes me appreciate the hot weather here in Manila. It was so cold there was so much fog we weren’t able to see any views from the mountains. 

We got to try an awesome restaurant where they served Filipino food and traditional hot chocolate. There were different flavours of hot chocolate almond, mint and much more. 

The traditional hot chocolate was rich, there was no sweeteness at all but it tasted great unless you taste the flavored ones where you would have a mixture of sweet and richness.

The vibe was great though it was raining, there was music in the background of someone playing with a saxophone. Then the decorations, I was told that you could have more of a feel of this place because of the surroundings.