The Clean Plate 

It was my first time to visit UP Town Center the other day and it was so exciting when I saw all the different restaurants I’ve never even heard of. All around were long lines and different themes of restaurants, cafes and dessert places. I was so lost I had no idea what to eat. I didn’t know what to pick and I was so overwhelmed by it all. My friend and I were looking for pasta but we wanted somewhere we’ve never been to before. We came along The Clean Plate, it was my type of restaurant. It was bright and had a cute design, kind of like a nature vibe as it was a place full of organic foods. 

They had pasta, pizza, salads and much more but it was all organic. So we decided to go for a healthy dinner seeing as I’ve been eating way too much junk lately. We ordered chicken and egg parmigiana and butternut squash soup. We were told the pastas servings were quite big and seeing as we don’t eat a lot we decided to just share. However when we got there the portion was very small, just fit for one person. To our surprise the food tasted great though! The chicken and egg parmigiani was full of flavor, plus their was a sufficient amount of chicken. Every spoonful really satisfied my tummy especially as it was served hot. Around UST I’m used to eating food that’s served warm so my tummy is not always this greatly satisfied! 

The price was a bit expensive but I guess it was worth it!    

Butternut squash soup (₱140) Squash, ginger puree, fresh goat’s milk
Chicken and egg parmigiana (₱340) Free-range chicken, roast eggplant, pomodoro, goat’s milk creme and cacciocavallo





Seniors Retreat 2015

Now that I am in my final year we just had our seniors retreat. It was my first ever time to experience this so I had no clue what was going to happen or what it would be like. I was told many stories such as I would have loads of fun or I would cry. I didn’t want to cry at all.

We had our retreat in Nasugbu Batangas, in Calaruega. This is where many retreats and weddings are held. I have to say the place was great! It was refreshing and relaxing to be away from the city for a few days. We had weak signal and no wifi. But for me this was fine, I was able to bond with friends. We were able to explore the area and eat so much food. We spent most of the time eating and exploring the area. 

There were gazeebos, great views, a koi fish pond, a church, a chapel, a hanging bridge and much more. 

It was full of nature, pretty lights, no pollution and no crowded people. The sessions were about helping us with our future and looking at things more deeply with God. 

We wrote letters to each other and even recieved some. There were open forums, confrontations and heart to heart conversations. All in all I just enjoyed being away from the city and spending time wth friends. I would definetly repeat it all over again. 


Maginhawa Food Trip 

I’ve seen endless posts and heard endless conversations of people going on about Maginhawa. I even heard people talking about Maginhawa Festival but I never knew why. I was was incredibly curious and it made me want to go there so bad. My dormates and I would make plans to go there but it would always be cancelled. I would always be disappointed as I would be left with imaginations and curiousity. 

Last night out of the blue my friend and I decided to go to Maginhawa for dessert. We had dinner around 8pm in UST and we were originally planning on going to the movies. However we changed our minds and were craving for dessert after having pasta for dinner. 

We got to Maginhawa after 8pm and went straight to The Nook, however there was a waiting list. After listing down our names we decided to try something else.

Our first stop was Papa Diddy’s. There were cute names for ice cream flavours, not using the ordinary names like chocolate or vanilla etc. We tried their besteller cookies and cream and dulce gato. 

Two cups of ice cream with cone (₱75)

The ice cream was so creamy and full of flavour. I really enjoyed it, for me the perfect ice cream is when it is creamy, thick not too sweet but full of flavour. I also loved how they put the cone in the tub, that way we can either dip the cone into the ice cream or crush it. 

After this we decided to go to a place suggested by Rappler called the Breakfast Bin.

Seeing as it was already 8pm I was thinking they must have pancakes or waffles so we could have more dessert and I was right. They had a variety of pancakes and waffles with different toppings. We went for waffles with cookies. The waffles were sadly overcooked but it tasted great with the cream on top and the syrup. The syrup was served seperately so you can add it to taste. The cookies were not so great, but it wasn’t sweet, all in all it was just right. 


Narrow , simple and cute place
2 stack waffles (₱85.00) plus extra (₱ 10.00) for Cookie Pieces

Our third and final place that we went to was The Nook. I’ve never heard of this before, I didn’t even hear about any reviews. My friend gave me a map with pictures showing the different eating places in Maginhawa and she made me choose. I picked the one with a picture of a pint of beer. I originally thought that there would be flavoured beers. When we got there there was a sign for butter beer. This was okay for me as I’ve tried butter beer back in England in The Harry Potter’s Studio. I was excited to see what it would taste like, I was even amazed that they had it here. The cafe was a Harry Potter themed cafe. They served butter beer pasta, other drinks and foods. They even had board games, a wand, the quidich ball, a replica of the stairs Harry Potter lived under and much more! 

Upstairs you would take off your shoes as there were pillows on the floor and a library to the side. It looked perfect for a chill kind of hangout. 


Butter Beer, regular (₱100) and Goya-zilla (₱75.00)

Digital Campus Suite 

Growing up technology has come a long way, from beepers to cell phones to wifi etc. Today it continues to expand and countries are adapting and using technology for everything. Literally everything you want or need can be done through the power of technology. 

PLDT, Smart, Samsung and Microsoft Office have decided to come together and help schools, teachers and students adapt to technology. Making everything through  technology such as sharing notes, lectures, group meetings and everything needed for school. 

Smart and PLDT have combined to make connectivity quicker and easier so group meetings can be done without having to personally meet up. No more over nights and long travels just to do work. Everything can now be done in our beds. 

It is great the Philippines has cone to this, making the lives of students easier and hassle free. But sadly the day will come when students and teachers will rarely have to come in as everything will be done before stepping outside the house. 

The greatest advantage of this is when applying for jobs as today the majority of the jobs require these technological skills. It will be so useful for when fresh graduates have these skills they will be an advantage to companies knowing their way around technology. 



PLDT FVP and Head of SME Business : Kat Luna-Abelarde
PLDT SME Nation Product Manager : Christian Lim