Digital Campus Suite 

Growing up technology has come a long way, from beepers to cell phones to wifi etc. Today it continues to expand and countries are adapting and using technology for everything. Literally everything you want or need can be done through the power of technology. 

PLDT, Smart, Samsung and Microsoft Office have decided to come together and help schools, teachers and students adapt to technology. Making everything through  technology such as sharing notes, lectures, group meetings and everything needed for school. 

Smart and PLDT have combined to make connectivity quicker and easier so group meetings can be done without having to personally meet up. No more over nights and long travels just to do work. Everything can now be done in our beds. 

It is great the Philippines has cone to this, making the lives of students easier and hassle free. But sadly the day will come when students and teachers will rarely have to come in as everything will be done before stepping outside the house. 

The greatest advantage of this is when applying for jobs as today the majority of the jobs require these technological skills. It will be so useful for when fresh graduates have these skills they will be an advantage to companies knowing their way around technology. 



PLDT FVP and Head of SME Business : Kat Luna-Abelarde
PLDT SME Nation Product Manager : Christian Lim


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