The Clean Plate 

It was my first time to visit UP Town Center the other day and it was so exciting when I saw all the different restaurants I’ve never even heard of. All around were long lines and different themes of restaurants, cafes and dessert places. I was so lost I had no idea what to eat. I didn’t know what to pick and I was so overwhelmed by it all. My friend and I were looking for pasta but we wanted somewhere we’ve never been to before. We came along The Clean Plate, it was my type of restaurant. It was bright and had a cute design, kind of like a nature vibe as it was a place full of organic foods. 

They had pasta, pizza, salads and much more but it was all organic. So we decided to go for a healthy dinner seeing as I’ve been eating way too much junk lately. We ordered chicken and egg parmigiana and butternut squash soup. We were told the pastas servings were quite big and seeing as we don’t eat a lot we decided to just share. However when we got there the portion was very small, just fit for one person. To our surprise the food tasted great though! The chicken and egg parmigiani was full of flavor, plus their was a sufficient amount of chicken. Every spoonful really satisfied my tummy especially as it was served hot. Around UST I’m used to eating food that’s served warm so my tummy is not always this greatly satisfied! 

The price was a bit expensive but I guess it was worth it!    

Butternut squash soup (₱140) Squash, ginger puree, fresh goat’s milk
Chicken and egg parmigiana (₱340) Free-range chicken, roast eggplant, pomodoro, goat’s milk creme and cacciocavallo





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