Blogapalooza 2015

As I continue to blog not as frequently as I should, I find myself learning new things and seeing what I have to improve or do to make my blog even better. Blogapalooza is an event where it helps bloggers promote and collect sponsors to help them with their blogs. Blogapalooza helped me to see all the things I can blog about or do for my blog. There were speakers there one in particular who said that as she continued to blog she realized that she should find a particular field that she should concentrate on. This is something I still have to look for, on top of that she said a blog should be updated at least once a week. I definitely need to start updating my blog however there are times when I really can not do this as I still haven’t found a field that I want to concentrate on.

Going around the booths, there were a variety of things that I saw and learned; there were booths for hotels, food, beauty and much more. All of them seemed very interesting. I handed out my business card hoping that they will help me promote my blog and that they at least appreciate my blog.


Honey Creme 

From cover picture Left: Organic Cotton Candy Affogato (₱185) Right: Organic Cotton Candy (₱165) 

I’ve seen many posts about this place and the pictures look awesome, it really made me want to try it. I made a trip to SM Aura and came across it, seeing as I had free time I decided I might as well see for myself. The place was very small, it was just a counter in the front and a couch to the left and right. On one side there was a wall that looked just like grass. I thought to myself, so this is where everyone takes their pictures.  

For me I was a bit disappointed, it didn’t taste as great as I thought it would. I ordered the ice cream with cotton candy on top. I didn’t get the point of the cotton candy and I found it hard to eat. The ice cream was thick and creamy but the cotton candy for me just got in the way. 

All in all I found it overpriced and wouldn’t want to try it again.  

Chalk Campus Tour

Bloggers, celebrities, hotties and much more. Chalk magazine brought a jam packed, fun filled night to UST. It was full of fun laughter, excitement and screaming fans everywhere. Despite there being exams many students from all different colleges joined in with the fun Chalk Magazine offered UST. With guests such as Matteo Guidicelli, Camille Co, Ryan Christopher, Vern and Verniece Enciso, Gino Quillanor, Chico Garcia and much more.

Dj’s Chico Garcia and Gino Quillanor gave a segment evolving around the hashtag #lovehard. Giving advice on the usual love problems college students usually have, the main on which is moving on from a past lover.

Then there was Matteo Guidicelli who got the crowd screaming and on their feets especially when he came down from the stage.