Blogapalooza 2015

As I continue to blog not as frequently as I should, I find myself learning new things and seeing what I have to improve or do to make my blog even better. Blogapalooza is an event where it helps bloggers promote and collect sponsors to help them with their blogs. Blogapalooza helped me to see all the things I can blog about or do for my blog. There were speakers there one in particular who said that as she continued to blog she realized that she should find a particular field that she should concentrate on. This is something I still have to look for, on top of that she said a blog should be updated at least once a week. I definitely need to start updating my blog however there are times when I really can not do this as I still haven’t found a field that I want to concentrate on.

Going around the booths, there were a variety of things that I saw and learned; there were booths for hotels, food, beauty and much more. All of them seemed very interesting. I handed out my business card hoping that they will help me promote my blog and that they at least appreciate my blog.


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