Honey Creme 

From cover picture Left: Organic Cotton Candy Affogato (₱185) Right: Organic Cotton Candy (₱165) 

I’ve seen many posts about this place and the pictures look awesome, it really made me want to try it. I made a trip to SM Aura and came across it, seeing as I had free time I decided I might as well see for myself. The place was very small, it was just a counter in the front and a couch to the left and right. On one side there was a wall that looked just like grass. I thought to myself, so this is where everyone takes their pictures.  

For me I was a bit disappointed, it didn’t taste as great as I thought it would. I ordered the ice cream with cotton candy on top. I didn’t get the point of the cotton candy and I found it hard to eat. The ice cream was thick and creamy but the cotton candy for me just got in the way. 

All in all I found it overpriced and wouldn’t want to try it again.  


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