Beyond Coffee 

  Lately I’ve noticed going to cafe’s; studying, hanging out, dates, alone times has become a huge thing. Not just for students but for any age. A cafe according to Miriam Webster is: a usually small and informal establishment serving various refreshments (as coffee) broadly : restaurant. 

But a cafe is more than this, it is a a place where you can chill, relax and catch up with long lost friends or even get to know someone even more. 

I am a huge fan of cafe’s mainly because I love coffee. Today cafe’s have all different kinds fo themes, designs, layouts, creative designs of coffees, creative drinks and foods. Around UST I would say they are slowly expanding their varieties, to Korean themed cafes to British themed and much more! 

The other day my friend decided to take me to a cafe that she had just recently discovered, called Beyond Coffee. It is located on Paredes Street along España. It is a small cafe with small decorations most of the stuff London themed such as the double decker bus and much more. 

They served desserts such as cakes, followed by food such as pasta sandwhiches and rice meals. On top of that as you lool around you will see huge glasses filled with coffee or chocolate drinks. All with whipped cream, toppings and much more, they definitely drew attention to everyone’s eyes as the waitresses served them! 

Here are pictures of the foods and the drink we ordered:   

Top: Rosemary chicken with Beyond Coffee gravy sauce (₱155) Bottom: Oven baked penne (₱155)


Lovelt toasted marshmallow (₱135)



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