Catabolic Cafe

I am a super huge fan of cafes and especially coffee. I came across Catabolic cafe on instagram and it immediately got my attention. I really wanted to visit it. The drinks looked awesome and it looked like a place I would hang out in. 

My friends decided to go to Maginhawa to study and seeing as I had nowhere to go so I decided to go with them. We went to three places our second place we went to after we ate at Breakfast and Pies as Catabolic Cafe. We stayed there for a few hours, them studying while I was watching a movie. 

They ordered a mocha with cute designs in top, I just love it when coffee has designs on the coffee. I had the raspberry iced tea which was perfect. It was actually sour which shows it wasn’t just full of water, it was so refreshing. Followed by this I had a cookie with white chocolate and sesame seeds. It was the greates if all cookies but it wasn’t one of those hard cookies that you get in places nowadays. Also it was my first time that I saw cookies with wasabi, now that was strange. When I asked the waiter what cookies she would suggest she told me to try the sesame seed. I was a bit too scared to try something out of the ordinary, I wasn’t it that mood.

The cafe wasn’t what I expected it wasn’t at great. However they have free wifi and a spacious layout. It was a bright and confy place to hang out. Though me and my friends where a bit bothered with the music as they played Adele the whole time on repeat. I have nothing against her I love her songs I just wasn’t in the mood to listen to Adele’s song for 3hours over and over again. 

I will definitely go back especialy as I loved their toilet, it was complete with two kinds of tissues, yummy smelling handwash etc. 


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