Common Room

Are you a fan of arts and crafts? This place is the perfect place for you! Common room is full of handmade goods such as wallets, bags, postacards, pillows you name it. They even have caligraphy pens, ink and the whole sets complete.

The downside would be the price but what do you expect. It is a room full of arts and crafts made by a variety of artists put in one place.

To top it off the music is calm and the vibe will make you wonder off into another world as you stroll around. I think even if you don’t want to you you really will end ip buying something.

It’s a place to just spend your money that you won’t regret!




Bag of BeansĀ 

My favourite place in Tagaytay is Bag of Beans. I love the coffee there and the atmosphere. It’s a perfect place to chill and hang out with family, friends or even a special someone. This is my second time here and I would suggest that everyone who goes to Tagaytay visits this place before they leave. 

Not only do they serve Civet coffee which is made from the poop of a cat but they also serve great hot chocolate and desserts. They also serve food but I have yet to try the food here. 

It has a cosey atmosphere that is serene and relaxing. There’s not much going around you and its like being in your own backyard, a dim lit area with nature surrounding you. 





Chelsea Kitchen

So happy to have tried something different! It was my second time in Megamall and I really enjoyed the short amount of time I was there. I am a huge fan of malls. I grew up in malls, everything is there. I was amazed how many differen and exciting restaurants there were there. A lot I’ve never even heard of, on top of that the international brands that are popular on the high streets of London were there. I would love to go vack to this mall! 

My friend and I came along a restaurant called Chelsea Kitchen. It was our first time to hear about this place so we didn’t know what to order. We ordered there best seller which was pizza, we had hawaian and three cheeses.

The pizza base was super thin and unlike other places not soaked in oil. Followed by buffalor wings, that’s the perfect combination. Wings and pizza, it was like heaven. The wings were full of flavour, the skin had more flavour than the chicken itself but it still filled my stomach. I  would definitely order these and come back again. 

BLK 513

Trailing around SM Megamall the other day I came across a stall that caught my attention, BLK 513. I am already familiar with this as I saw it previously on others blogs. So I was also excited to try something new out. 

This is a dark skin frozen yogurt made from Greek yogurt. It is supposed to be healthy  as dark skim does not contain a lot of calories. 

You would just think of it as coloured yogurt but actually it is more than that! 

It is not too sweet and not sour either it is just inbetween. You can choose whether you have it in a cone or a cup, a cup costs (pHp185) and a cone (pHp170). However with the cup you can choose one crunch, two fruits and then one sauce.

I chose the chocolate dip, mango and lychee followed by caramalized cookie sauce. 

All the flavours clashed together, you had sweet, sour and crunchy. It is not heavy on the tummy and it every spoonful wants you going back for more. 


Draft Gastropub

The first time I ever tried flavoured beer was in England when I went to a Belgium restaurant. For some reason I didn’t so much appreciate it. However after having enough local beers here in the Philippines I started to appreciate flavoured beer. 

Local beers in the Philippines are my usual choice of drinks whenever I go out seeing as it’s the cheapest option. 

Walking along Greenbelt looking for a place to eat we passed by Draft and I decided why not? At the time I wanted to have a drink and on top of that I wanted something other than Asian food. 

The place had a bar to the left full of imported beers. When we sat down we were given a menu, there was one for drinks and one for food. The drinks menu was full of beers from all around the world. It had different flavours and the percentage of alcohol. I picked the rasberry beer seeing as I rarely pick rasberry flavoured anything. 

  The beer was great! It was full of flavour, it tasted like fizzy rasberry juice. If you’re not into strong alcoholic drinks this is perfect. Perfect for a chill drink maybe abit  pricey but definitely worth buying.