Draft Gastropub

The first time I ever tried flavoured beer was in England when I went to a Belgium restaurant. For some reason I didn’t so much appreciate it. However after having enough local beers here in the Philippines I started to appreciate flavoured beer. 

Local beers in the Philippines are my usual choice of drinks whenever I go out seeing as it’s the cheapest option. 

Walking along Greenbelt looking for a place to eat we passed by Draft and I decided why not? At the time I wanted to have a drink and on top of that I wanted something other than Asian food. 

The place had a bar to the left full of imported beers. When we sat down we were given a menu, there was one for drinks and one for food. The drinks menu was full of beers from all around the world. It had different flavours and the percentage of alcohol. I picked the rasberry beer seeing as I rarely pick rasberry flavoured anything. 

  The beer was great! It was full of flavour, it tasted like fizzy rasberry juice. If you’re not into strong alcoholic drinks this is perfect. Perfect for a chill drink maybe abit  pricey but definitely worth buying. 


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