BLK 513

Trailing around SM Megamall the other day I came across a stall that caught my attention, BLK 513. I am already familiar with this as I saw it previously on others blogs. So I was also excited to try something new out. 

This is a dark skin frozen yogurt made from Greek yogurt. It is supposed to be healthy  as dark skim does not contain a lot of calories. 

You would just think of it as coloured yogurt but actually it is more than that! 

It is not too sweet and not sour either it is just inbetween. You can choose whether you have it in a cone or a cup, a cup costs (pHp185) and a cone (pHp170). However with the cup you can choose one crunch, two fruits and then one sauce.

I chose the chocolate dip, mango and lychee followed by caramalized cookie sauce. 

All the flavours clashed together, you had sweet, sour and crunchy. It is not heavy on the tummy and it every spoonful wants you going back for more. 



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