Chelsea Kitchen

So happy to have tried something different! It was my second time in Megamall and I really enjoyed the short amount of time I was there. I am a huge fan of malls. I grew up in malls, everything is there. I was amazed how many differen and exciting restaurants there were there. A lot I’ve never even heard of, on top of that the international brands that are popular on the high streets of London were there. I would love to go vack to this mall! 

My friend and I came along a restaurant called Chelsea Kitchen. It was our first time to hear about this place so we didn’t know what to order. We ordered there best seller which was pizza, we had hawaian and three cheeses.

The pizza base was super thin and unlike other places not soaked in oil. Followed by buffalor wings, that’s the perfect combination. Wings and pizza, it was like heaven. The wings were full of flavour, the skin had more flavour than the chicken itself but it still filled my stomach. I  would definitely order these and come back again. 


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