The Artsy CafeĀ 

Its been a while since I’ve been to Maginhawa. I will definitely miss the spontaneous trips my dormates and I would make, just to try out different cafes or restaurants.

I decided to go one last time before I leave my dorm and college life behind. A cafe full of people and a lively atmosphere, I wasn’t expecting this from the title. I have never heard of this cafe before but seeing as my friend suggested it, I thought we should give it a try.

I am used to a warm, cosy and relaxing atmosphere whenever entering a cafe. However this was different, the first thing you would see while entering would be families and couples enjoying their food.

Seeing as I am a huge fan of pasta I ordered the puttanesca. They also serve sandwhiches, rice meals, pastas, breakfasts and of course coffee.

What I love about their coffee is you can choose the type of beans for your brewed coffee and it was only 80pesos. The coffee was definitely worth it. I would definitely come back for the coffee.

For the food however well it was served fast which is a huge plus for me. The food was at the right temperature and it had the right amount of ingredients. It wasn’t anything special for me but I would come back for the coffee and for the atmosphere. Especially if I wanted to catch up with friends.