Dreamerllie Adventure in Tanay

A few days before my graduation I took an adventure through cliffs; spider webs hanging in the air; absailing without harnesses and much more.

It was the time of my life and it is something I will never forget. I did all of this with my family, not knowing what we’d actually face.

I got the surprise of my life as we were high off the ground with nothing but a helmet to cover our heads. There were different courses as we hiked our way inbetween each exciting and thrilling bridge or hanging ladders from cliffs high off the ground.





There was a spider web strong enough to hold all seven of us with no barriers on the side; followed by a hanging bridge made of rope and hanging ropes to hang on to, then the most thrilling part was absailing.

Usually I am fine with climbing but absailing was difficult, as the rope that we used was no longer attatched to the cliff and there was nothing to catch us underneath. We did all of this without a harness to keep us safe, apparently we were safe even without one.

We also hiked our way to the top where we had a great view, though rain had got in the way for a bit.

I would definitely recommend this to any one who wants a thrill. Perfect with friends or even with family, who cares if you are scared of heights; I cried while hanging in the air but it is one of the best stories I could ever pass down.