Tagaytay Highlands

A perfect getaway for a calm and relaxing time with family. Although as everyone knows that a membership is needed and it is not easy just to stay here in Tagaytay Highlands, it was a privilege to go here.

Salmon Steak
English Trifle

I had an overnight staycation with my family. I fell in love with the place, it was beautiful. It was quite and peaceful with the perfect view. Though it was extremely hot and not really expected for a place high above the sea level. it was the perfect weather for a stroll around for pictures and eating all day long. Which is pretty much all we did. Eat, eat and eat.


Extraordinary Swim in the Sea

Now who goes to the beach or to the sea to bump into Whale Sharks? Apparently me.

It was only last year where I heard that you could swim with whale sharks, it sounded fun but I never thought I would be so close to them in real life. I’ve always wanted to swim with dolphins as I would see them all the time on television or whenever I would go to Subic. But swimming with whale sharks was a different experience, it was more thrilling as they were so huge.

They were triple the size of me and only a few meters away. Sadly we were only allowed in the sea for 30 minutes, this was more than enough. We were lucky enough to have whale sharks everywhere we looked.


Puzzle Mansion

I’ve been to Tagaytay  countless of times already and it is one of my favourite places here in the Philippines. In fact I feel like I don’t go there enough. I love the cafes here and get disappointed whenever I don’t get to visit Bag of Beans. However, this time around while my family were visiting the Philippines for my graduation, we decided to tour them around.

It was my first time to visit Puzzle Mansion and I was looking forward to it as I would always pass the sign. I always heard people talking about it.

I was amazed by how simple the place was but exciting in terms of the themes of every puzzle. Everything was there, from basketball teams to known cities to brands and even religion. Anything you could possibly think of was there showcased in over 1,000 puzzle pieces.

There were even 3D puzzles which was amazing, you weren’t able to touch them and that was understandable but I thought to myself all of this would be a great display in your very own home.


Despite the Puzzle Mansion being hidden, it is still worth a visit either for just a quick trip or even an over night stay. I would definitely take tourists here as someone like me, who is not a fan of galleries or museums enjoyed this place a lot. Also who wouldn’t want to visit a place that is recognized by the Guinness Book of Records.