Must Try Mexican-Inspired Restaurant for Those Living in the South

With Mexican food growing on our choices of “where do we eat?” or “where should we go?” the South peeps no longer have to submerge through the biggest problem we face today, traffic. Paranaque has now started to add to its busy streets, with foods that can be found in places like Kapitolyo or Maginhawa. BF Homes catching up to these two well-known places to eat your heart out, has also spread to Dona Soledad, to the other side of Paranaque. Chef-owner Mikel Zaguirre of Locavore opened up a Mexican-inspired restaurant just this February 2016.

Along the road of Dona Soledad this pops out in the eyes of those seeking for an adventurous food trip, being the only unique restaurant along the road, with places like Army Navy and Yellow Cab already being popular; Taqueria 101 gives a different vibe.

Stepping inside a cramped but perfectly decorated place, it lures you in to its extremely well organized interior from left to right. Despite it being narrow there is a place in the corner for couples giving them the intimacy they want, away from groups of family or friends. The decorations follow the theme precisely; with Mexican hats, colorful artwork on the walls and matching chairs; cups and placemats.

Taqueria 101 has a variety of unique mouthwatering dishes; these Mexican-inspired dishes are out of this world. Where will you find a savory dish splashed with strawberry sauce? They have dishes you won’t find in leading Mexican restaurants, such as this hard taco with smoked salmon, cream cheese and strawberry sauce. Despite it being small it tickles your senses with a soft, creamy yet hard texture all splurging in your mouth full of juice from the salmon but then with a hint of strawberry. They all clash together, giving you a sensational taste of something out of the ordinary.

This intimate restaurant is well known for its nacho fundido, to share with a group of friends or even family. It is stacked with chips, angus picadillo, queso, crema, cheese sauce and jalapeno. Followed by the best sellers which are a must try, the smoked bacon quesadilla, pepperoni + chorizo tlayudas and to finish it off for dessert the churro s’mores.

This newly opened, unique restaurant is definitely a must try for those who are looking for dishes not on their menu, perfect for a quick date or even a snack with family or friends. Located at 101 Dona Soledad Ave. Better Living Subdivision, Don Bosco, Paranaque City. Opening times: Mon-Sat 3pm to 1am and Sun 11am to 11pm

.On top of all of this, to give you a kick during the first half of your week Taqueria 101 offers a promo every Tuesday, with buy 1 get 1 free on all local beers. Now who wouldn’t go for this offer if you just want to sit back and enjoy a drink from 9pm to 12nn every now and again on a Tuesday evening? They even serve other alcoholic beverages such as cocktails and corona at an affordable price. So, need to go all the way to a fancy bar when you have a package deal right by your front door for those living in the South. Also it is not overflowing with people rummaging around; instead it has a calm vibe confined from the busy streets of the city.