Troika Resto & Art Gallery 

I studied in UST for four years and occasionally I would go out for drinks with my friends. However we always had the problem of where to find a place with a good ambiance, a wide choice of drinks and good food.

It was only yesterday where I finally found a place where we could have gone ages ago. Although it is slightly far from where I used to stay, I think it would be worth it to go here more often, especially to drink. There were so many different choices of drinks plus promos. 

I ordered the chicken pesto and a margarita, though I could not taste much of the alcohol it was good enough for ₱10o. The pasta I loved, they said it was for 2 people but it really wasn’t. But it was still enjoyable. 

The place itself had a great ambiance, it was comfy and relaxing. One of their best sellers is paella but sadly it wasn’t available, so if I do get to go back this is what I would order.