A Taste of Summer

Although these pictures were taken maybe last year, I found these pictures and decided to blog about my experience eating this gelato. It has been such a long time since I last blogged and I terribly miss it. I kept on telling myself I would get back to blogging but I never get round to it. Now that I am working in digital marketing it has really inspired me to blog again. I have learned so much from my job that I can actually apply it to blogging.

For some, this gelato may be outdated but for me it is never too late, especially for those who haven’t yet tried it. This BONO gelato is located at SM Makati near the connection between SM Makati and Glorietta, opposite Seattle’s Best.

I love trying new things! Especially if it has interesting flavours. Lately I’ve seen articles about different flavoured ice creams and I love it! It’s so much better than just sticking to vanilla or chocolate. Gelato itself is already awesome, so why not try other flavours?

I tried the taho flavoured, partly because I was curious and because well I haven’t yet seen it elsewhere. I would have to say it was great! It definitely had the exact same taste as taho. The portion was worth it and I just couldn’t get enough. I even remembered me and my friend said we would definitely go back for some more but maybe we would try another flavour.

Here are some pictures: