31 Blog Challenge by Be Your Own Kind: 1# Introduction

Now that I have more free time due to the lockdown. I decided to keep myself busy on top of my full-time job, where I can work from home.

So far I have worked out as much as I can, binge watched TV shows, caught up with friends from back home and cooked my own meals.

We all know it’s not easy to find content. However, I remember how there are 30 day challenges I could try out. One of my favorite go to place for ideas is Pinterest. I came across a 31 day challenge on Pinterest from Be Your Own Kind.

Here goes the first challenge.


For those who haven’t read any of my posts, I am half-Filipino and half-British. I was born and raised in England to a Filipino mum and a British dad. However, on my dad’s side my family are from Jamaica. His mum and dad were born and raised in Jamaica and then migrated to England.

At the age of 16 I decided to move to the Philippines where I took up a degree at The University of Santo Tomas where I received a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Journalism. After college I decided to stay in the in the Philippines.

I started this blog in 2015, but have had previous blogs back in 2011. I have been writing on and off throughout the years. But writing really is my passion, I just find it hard to find inspiration at times.




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