Baler 2018

People always tell me Baler can take hours to get to, but knowing this excited me even more. I love long journeys, so I knew this wouldn’t be a problem.

The bus ride was 6 hours straight. We traveled at 1am and spent the whole time snoozing away.

Baler had black sand but was still perfect to roll around in. It was soft and fine, and there were no pebbles, rocks or algae.


Compared to La Union everything in Baler was cheaper. Their food, drinks, tour packages and rooms were all affordable. We only spent PHP5,000 for the entire trip for accommodation, transport, food and drinks, and tours.

We got to visit cafes and bars. The cafes we searched up along the way and found that they were perfect if you wanted a cold drink and didn’t want to burn outside from the heat during the day. The bars, on the other hand, were very affordable and had live bands with amazing performances.


Cheap drinks + Good Music = Couldn’t ask for anything more! 

We never got to surf because we decided to explore the area instead. There were two falls and the mermaid lagoon, which were worth the journey. Each one was accessible by tricycle. Despite it being scorching hot, the view from the tricycle was spectacular. We got to see a mesmerizing view of nature such as open fields, flowers, and no traffic anywhere. We could happily breathe in the fresh air!

The trip was cut short because we weren’t able to book seats on time. But there is a lot more to do in Baler. Even if you don’t want to surf, there are many other activities for you to do. If you’re like me and just want to be away from the city life, and are willing to travel for a few hours. Go book your bus ticket now! Top it off you will find accommodation no matter your budget.


No Signal, Good Company, And Perfect Scenery

Every holy week I was taught to stay at home and rest. We weren’t allowed to play loud music, laugh out loud or go on trips. My grandma and mum were very strict with these traditions. Until I came to the Philippines, where holy week meant family outings like going to the beach. This 2018 my auntie and I spent it at Calaguas.

White sand stroked my feet even when I was in the sea. The beach had a picture perfect view. There were tents scattered along the shore, clear blue water and beautiful mountain views on the right and left.


Getting to Calaguas took us a while, but it was worth the leg cramps and the pain in my butt. The van ride took us 14 hours then we rode a boat for 1hr and 30mins. We arrived there at 7pm, however, even though it was dark you could somehow see how clear the water was it glistened under the night sky.

Stepping into the sand was such an exhilarating feeling. It had been ages since I’d visited a beach with this kind of sand.

We were part of a tour group, so we all stayed together. Food was provided for us and even island hopping and a mini-trek. Sadly, due to bad weather we weren’t able to go to any other islands. Instead we swam in the sea, ate local Bicol dishes, and watched the sunset.


I Made it to New York

It has always been my dream to go to New York. Growing up watching Gossip Girl I wanted to visit all the places where Gossip Girl was filmed. I want to experience it all for myself. For my graduation my auntie bought me a ticket to New York, so along with my auntie, uncle and cousin we got to fly all the way to New York. We spent a few days in Manhattan where we did a bus tour around Brooklyn and upper and lower Manhattan. We got to stay in front of Madison Square Gardens which was also a walking distance from Times Square.

We also took a 3 days tour up to Washington, Maryland and Pennsylvania. This tour for me was great!  I got to see a great view of the trees and literally fell in love. Along the way we even got to see snow, I haven’t seen snow since 2010 and this was such a great feeling to have a break from work and to see something different for a change.

The food as usual this is what I look at, was definitely one of my favourite bits! I mean bagels and coffee for breakfast is like the icing on top of my day. It was perfect, every time. Even their Dunkin Donuts was awesome, with choices of flavours for your drink, sweet and soft donuts and your choice of bread for your sandwhich. They actually care how you want your food. Its like you can have anything you want.

I had a great experience here, despite it being cold and the incredible time difference of 12 hours from the Philippines. It was worth it, I would love to come back!


Tagaytay Highlands

A perfect getaway for a calm and relaxing time with family. Although as everyone knows that a membership is needed and it is not easy just to stay here in Tagaytay Highlands, it was a privilege to go here.

Salmon Steak
English Trifle

I had an overnight staycation with my family. I fell in love with the place, it was beautiful. It was quite and peaceful with the perfect view. Though it was extremely hot and not really expected for a place high above the sea level. it was the perfect weather for a stroll around for pictures and eating all day long. Which is pretty much all we did. Eat, eat and eat.

Puzzle Mansion

I’ve been to Tagaytay  countless of times already and it is one of my favourite places here in the Philippines. In fact I feel like I don’t go there enough. I love the cafes here and get disappointed whenever I don’t get to visit Bag of Beans. However, this time around while my family were visiting the Philippines for my graduation, we decided to tour them around.

It was my first time to visit Puzzle Mansion and I was looking forward to it as I would always pass the sign. I always heard people talking about it.

I was amazed by how simple the place was but exciting in terms of the themes of every puzzle. Everything was there, from basketball teams to known cities to brands and even religion. Anything you could possibly think of was there showcased in over 1,000 puzzle pieces.

There were even 3D puzzles which was amazing, you weren’t able to touch them and that was understandable but I thought to myself all of this would be a great display in your very own home.


Despite the Puzzle Mansion being hidden, it is still worth a visit either for just a quick trip or even an over night stay. I would definitely take tourists here as someone like me, who is not a fan of galleries or museums enjoyed this place a lot. Also who wouldn’t want to visit a place that is recognized by the Guinness Book of Records.

Antipolo: Luljetta’s Hanging Garden and Spa 


I fell in love with this place it was so serene! Though it is not somewhere I would go with friends. I would go here either with a special someone or family. This garden and spa is perfect for those who just want to relax and be in a peaceful environment.

With three swimming pools; one overlooking, one shallow pool and the best one was wirh a front view of the sunset. They also have a jacuzzi, two saunas a restaurant and places for you to get a massage.

I am a huge fan of jacuzzi’s and I nearly fell asleep in one. I cannot say much negative things about this place because frankly there isn’t. I just completely loved it and want to go back!

Laiya Batangas 

I’ve heard a lot of people mention Batangas but I’ve only been there once or twice. This Christmas my family and I decided to spend Christmas somewhere different, this time out of town. We decided to go somewhere relaxing. We drove all the way to Batangas which is just a few hours away from us.

It was the perfect place to go, especially as there was a scarce amount of people and so it was quiet and peaceful.

We spent the first day just relaxing, watching movies and swimming in the pool. We had lunch and dinner at the resort where it was a buffet, serving all traditional Filipino foods.

The music they played during the whole time was all Christmas songs sung by Michael Buble and Mariah Carey. Despite it being played on repeat during our two nights and three days stay, it added to the Christmas vibe.

The second day was unforgettable; it was my first time to try parasailing and second to try the banana boat. The parasailing made me disappear for a while as I day dreamed for most of the time. The most thrilling bit was when we were dipped into the water and dragged, a very exhilarating experience. I was worried I would somehow get in the way of the fishes or maybe even come across a shark.

For the rest of the day we just spent it here at the beach just 10mins away from the resort. I forgot to add we got to rent out a jetski and drive it on our own for 30mins. My cousin and I took turns to soar the sea in circles. Shame we didn’t have our own so that we could race around.

At the end of the stay we spent it watching horror movies and drinking beer for dinner.

Our trip came to end on Christmas day where we drove back with our faces a few shades darke4 and our hairs still with a hint of salt water.

Baguio: Part Two 

We decided to go hiking and seeing as we were in Baguio we went strawberry picking. Unfortunately it wasn’t the season for strawberries so there weren’t many strawberries to pick from as they were still small.

With the wrong pair of shoes I decided to go hiking. It wasn’t a great due to the ground being muddy and damp and every step you took your shoes would sink in. But I enjoyed taking a walk and being in fresh air. It really is a great feeling to be away from the city and with family for a weekend. No pollution, no crowd and no signal.


Baguio: Part One 

My last trip for this summer was to Baguio and for the first I remember I actually enjoyed it. We pretty much spent a whole weekend eating, going strawberry picking and got to visit the location of Forevermore. 

The weather was way too cold I had to buy a hat and I had to wear several layers. It really reminded me of being back in England again, which I didn’t like. It makes me appreciate the hot weather here in Manila. It was so cold there was so much fog we weren’t able to see any views from the mountains. 

We got to try an awesome restaurant where they served Filipino food and traditional hot chocolate. There were different flavours of hot chocolate almond, mint and much more. 

The traditional hot chocolate was rich, there was no sweeteness at all but it tasted great unless you taste the flavored ones where you would have a mixture of sweet and richness.

The vibe was great though it was raining, there was music in the background of someone playing with a saxophone. Then the decorations, I was told that you could have more of a feel of this place because of the surroundings.

Hundred Islands and Pangasinan

I was only 2 when I last visited Hundred Islands and the only thing I remember is having a brownout and my auntie having a night swim. It was great to be back again for a few hours. It was such a shame that our time was limited and we only had around 3 hours to eat, swim and chill. We were so lucky that day to have great weather especially as the day before the rain as extremely bad there were floods everywhere.

We spent the first day in Pangasinan as there was no way we were going to the beach with the heavy rains. Leaving the house at 3am we arrived around 7am and decided to have a quick nap. We spent the whole day eating, watching movies, playing monopoly and drinking. While some chose to take tequila shots, the others chose to stick to beer or wine. It was great how were were stranded together we were able to just enjoy each others company, wrapped in blankets or buried in pillows for the whole day. This was the perfect saturday for me.

The following day we made last minute plans to go to Hundred Islands seeing as it was  waste that we went all the way to Pangasinan but never got to visit Hundred Islands. We took a boat, which took us around the islands. We were shown around all the different islands, it was beautiful. The weather was perfect it was just the right temperature. Te waves were slightly big but it was safe enough to travel. Each island had different activities, there were some where you could go snorkeling; then some you could stay over night or just have a picnic. Then there were some underwater caves. It was such a shame however that we had very little time. We picked an island where we just went brought our own food, we had adobo, dinuguan and fish, with drinks of course. We brought our leftover drinks with us.

All we did was have a swim and chill in the water, after all it was a great end to my internship that previous week.