Extraordinary Swim in the Sea

Now who goes to the beach or to the sea to bump into Whale Sharks? Apparently me.

It was only last year where I heard that you could swim with whale sharks, it sounded fun but I never thought I would be so close to them in real life. I’ve always wanted to swim with dolphins as I would see them all the time on television or whenever I would go to Subic. But swimming with whale sharks was a different experience, it was more thrilling as they were so huge.

They were triple the size of me and only a few meters away. Sadly we were only allowed in the sea for 30 minutes, this was more than enough. We were lucky enough to have whale sharks everywhere we looked.



Dreamerllie Adventure in Tanay

A few days before my graduation I took an adventure through cliffs; spider webs hanging in the air; absailing without harnesses and much more.

It was the time of my life and it is something I will never forget. I did all of this with my family, not knowing what we’d actually face.

I got the surprise of my life as we were high off the ground with nothing but a helmet to cover our heads. There were different courses as we hiked our way inbetween each exciting and thrilling bridge or hanging ladders from cliffs high off the ground.





There was a spider web strong enough to hold all seven of us with no barriers on the side; followed by a hanging bridge made of rope and hanging ropes to hang on to, then the most thrilling part was absailing.

Usually I am fine with climbing but absailing was difficult, as the rope that we used was no longer attatched to the cliff and there was nothing to catch us underneath. We did all of this without a harness to keep us safe, apparently we were safe even without one.

We also hiked our way to the top where we had a great view, though rain had got in the way for a bit.

I would definitely recommend this to any one who wants a thrill. Perfect with friends or even with family, who cares if you are scared of heights; I cried while hanging in the air but it is one of the best stories I could ever pass down.

Nissan Special Screening

I’m back to attending events finally after nearly a year I get the opportunity to go somewhere new and meet new people. I was invited to watch the special screening of the finalists of Nissan: GTA Academy. Where they showed episodes of the time the finalists spent in Silverstone, UK. It showed a bit of drama, happy memories, motivation and inspiration. It was great to watch them on the big screen after seeing the six finalists last year where they were announced that they would be battling out against each other and countries in Asia.

Congratulations to Joward Policarpio for winning against other Asian countries and for making the Philippines proud. It was a blessing to watch this on the big screen and would love to see the winner race even more hopefully against other countries and not just in Asia.

Vice Ganda Concert 

For the second time in a row I got to see Vice Ganda on stage. I never get tired of Vice’s jokes I remember the first time I went I was so close to crying from all the laughter. For me the previous concert was better as there were more guests and his outfits were more extreme.

Though I didn’t finish the concer I was still laughing so loud it actually made my throat hurt. I was so amazed by the creativity and the concepts especially where he did a number inspired by 50 shades. I could not believe this, I didn’t get to take many pictures of this or videos but I was surprised he did a number like that. For me it was such a brave thing to do, to have men grind and dance so close to his body while he was blindfolded.

As usual it was great to go to his concert and it was definitely worth it.